I am updating my review of this business.

Fast forward 4 years later, just last week, the sink that this company installed for me fell off the counter top completely to my wife’s horror.

He didn’t put enough silicone and didn’t hang the sink correctly. We are disappointed and will not go to this company for any installation job. There were a couple of snafus with our install. You have to tell me now what you want to do now and he quickly became frustrated.In a somewhat atypical fashion, we scheduled our countertop templating and install two months in advance. On the day of the final install, disappointment and frustration mounted as the crew showed up late to the appointment (as in, did not show up within in their 2 hour window). You were so helpful and kind to us and had it not been for you finding more of the granite after the lst slabs we looked we would not have had what we fell in love with. I know you went above and beyond showing facility. we were impressed with explanation technology “kuka robotics” it was a state of art showroom. We entered the slab area and she had no idea what stones were what. I was there to also try and find a remnant for my bathroom.

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I told her to hold it, she said she would, and to get back to use as soon as she can with her estimates.

We were there for three frustrating hours.

The noted the installation process would take 1-2 hours and it took over 6 hours to install the counters.

Our kitchen isn’t very large but there were some ‘tricky’ areas (a window cut into the current backsplash which was going to stay; an island with a 16 inch overhang; and undermount sink; and the backsplash behind the drop in cooktop with a hood vent which backsplash at that point is about 3 feet tall). Because we fabricate our countertops in our cutting edge in-house production facility, we are able to offer a superb product at competitive prices.

We also stock a massive amount of granite, marble, and quartz remnants.

And we have everything you need for a beautiful kitchen or bathroom remodel-sinks, cabinets, faucets, backsplashes etc. Come visit our 30, 000sf showroom, where you can browse our extensive collection of natural stones.

We have a longstanding passion and history in the stone business.

Keelan joined his father at a very young age and learned the trade of a craftsman. I initially wanted the common 4 inch backsplash that everybody usually goes with. She knows her stuff and really takes care of her clients.

Their price was 25% less than 2 other showrooms! The installers took extra care to not damage our cabinets when removing the old countertops.

The handy man told me whoever installed it the first time did a terrible job. They came to measure the counter surface and backslash. On the installation day they brought the backslash stone of the wrong size, so it didn’t fit into the backlash. Almost a month later they finally came back with a new backslash stone. However after the installation we noticed two problems: the new stone doesn’t match the existing counter top stone that they installed on the first time, although it looked very close; and second, the new stone was brought in two pieces, instead of one whole piece. So there is a visible seam between the two parts in the backslash. We promise to ourselves that we will never choose this company again for our future projects.

The reason it doesn’t look exactly the same is because it is placed vertically, whereas your countertop is at a horizontal placement. From the time we selected our slab to receiving the layout for our countertops and from our approval to install, she was responsive to our questions and completed each step quickly. The install team was friendly and clean (protected our floor with drop cloths) and the quality of the fabrication work and install was superb.

We are very pleased with the finished product. The owner did discount the install to make it right. They have a nice selection of granite and marble slabs to choose from. My goal was to replace bathroom counters in 2 bathrooms in my condo. Removing the large mirror, placing with small mirror and hiring a contractor to fix the drywall and paint. Kohler sinks to the shop and they scheduled the installation. They installers were very nice and did a nice job even though they brought the wrong sinks.

The product that was delivered (granite countertop) was done well. They were accommodating with our customer supplied sink. This is essential step, especially if you are using a large patterned piece of stone. I wouldn’t have taken work off that morning specifically to accommodate the install had that been the case. While the final install looks pretty good, we had to micromanage them the whole time to make sure that everything was actually in order. I would recommend using another fabricator – one that has better communication skills – to save yourself the headache, even if it costs you a little more. We wanted to say thank you for all your help in showing around. Pictures do not show the true depth and beauty of this stone and the precision of their work. The quality and attention to detail is above par – there are no seams and the pieces match up to a hair’s width. My job was small in comparison to the projects his company is working on. My counters are awe inspiring, my friends were speechless when they walked in – their mouths dropped open. Kurt is going to make sure you love his work and will do anything to make sure you do.

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He has integrity and is kind, very patient, attentive and skilled. He gives you the type of service that most businesses don’t anymore – he truly cares and it shows.

He is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and will honestly help you. They have a very nice showroom with gorgeous slabs of every type, a huge tile selection and even porcelain tile flooring too. We had them install a copper penny floor. The finished product is stunning and we couldn’t be happier. From start to finish, they were great to work with. Once they started, our project was their main focus and was done quickly, efficiently and the work site was always left clean and they treated our home with respect. Trystyn would take time to talk to us after hours to answer any questions.

And they always had a smile, were on time, very detailed and were so friendly. This was our first time remodeling anything, and as you could expect, we we nervous and lo and behold had some unforseen complications.The granite slabs we ordered were too thick and look awful installed. I was quite excited to get work started on my countertops after finding this company with such stellar reviews.

The estimate was pretty good, the lady who estimated was new, and in fact she didn’t even have her own business card – she scratched out someone else’s name and wrote her name over the top. We were there at our appointment time, but our sales person was nowhere to be seen. None of the people milling around the main showroom bothered to ask who we were or what we wanted. We said we had an appointment with so-and-so and she said no one by that name worked there.

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We texted our rep, got no response, and she finally comes bumbling out we’d been there for 25 minutes claiming she was here the entire time. She said it wouldn’t and said it isn’t any less expensive than the slab in the main area. Anyway she came back and had it measured and not only would it hold all my kitchen needs but my bathroom counter top needs too. We kicked off a kitchen remodel and selected this company on a referral to install our kitchen counters, desk area and another counter in our dining area. When they came to measure the layout of the counters they noted we would need to have a professional unhook the gas line only. This was incorrect and the day of installation the installers noted that we needed a plumber to unhook the sinks.

They completely wrecked one of our walls when installing the counters and it will now need to be fixed with drywall. They installed multiple counters and wrecked 1 wall (took off drywall). Kurt was very understanding and sincere in his concern about righting a wrong, so to speak. In the end, his sincerity and honest effort to rectify the problem has caused us to reconsider our initial belief that we would not want to use them for the counter tops in our home. Once the other property is handled we may well reach out to them and give them another chance. I call the scheduler to schedule the template measure after having paid 50% down on an estimate. I had not, and was told the template person would be there around 9:30.I left the property to return home and retrieved the faucet for the kitchen then returned to the vacant property to wait. Some how this information did not make it to the template installation person. Luckily it is only a few minutes from the property where the granite was to be install. Eugene arrived at the correct property and began setting up for the measure. I pointed out the sink to him which was to be installed. It is a 10×9 kitchen with minimal counter space. He ignored my question and quickly stated that he would find out and call me back. He called back and said they would be there around 10:30. They arrive within minutes and begin the install. All pieces are now on the cabinets waiting to be installed properly. The house was almost complete barring the granite install. Emerson saw my disappointment and told me he could cut a groove to allow the clips to pass down properly but that it would not be a machine cut. It would have looked ridiculous to have this wrap around the wall on the peninsula. They proceeded completing the install and did an amazing job installing it minus the correction with the sink. I told him my husband will be looking at it that evening and we would decide what to do. Since there was no concern for our problem and zero customer support, we can’t recommend this company to anyone. She was extremely rude the entire time we were looking at slabs.

Which really made me feel really uncomfortable. I would stay away from granite marble specialties if you are seeking exceptional customer service or work with a different employee. Not very fancy/ well kept but it had a decant about of slabs in the backroom. We’re looking for personnel with a different skill set than what you have to offer. We had a leak with our dishwasher that did some major damage. We had discussed changes we wanted to make and made plans to do this project in the next 5 years, circumstances pushed up that date. I could not be more pleased and in love with our entire process.

Our installers were super awesome and kind. They were just as excited on our selection and install as we were. They paid super close attention to detail and my seams are practically invisible. February of 2017, with the drawings/blueprints for the slab countertops and backsplashs.

No, they were not the least expensive – they were the ‘middle of the road’. Great selection of granite, marble and quartz. They are quite popular so if you need work done soon, do not expect there to be openings right away. I have ordered 2 kinds of counter tops from this place, both granite and quartz and had great results with the install and quality of workmanship plus the product. Looking for quality services at an affordable price? We are super happy with the finished product. They are very respectful of me and my home! Pick out the countertop color, tile backsplash, cabinet doorstyle, and matching flooring.

I am updating my review of this business. Fast forward 4 years later, just last week, the sink that this company installed for me fell off the counter top completely to my wife's horror. He didn't put enough silicone and didn't hang the sink correctly. We are disappointed...