Fabio was really helpful in the selection of the stones and making sure we had what we wanted. We have used this company for multiple projects and have never been disappointed.

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Everyone from selection to installation was knowledgeable and helpful. Are you looking for quality, low cost and craftsmanship in your kitchen upgrade? Two weeks later the team returned to remove our old counters and install the new granite. It transformed our kitchen into a new center of our home.You can’t help running your fingers across the granite in disbelief of how beautiful they look. We welcome our customers to explore our lot and pick out their favorite piece by hand — what you see is exactly what you’ll get. If we don’t have your ideal stone in stock, we’re well equipped to import additional options.

Some might say it was not an ideal time, others might have called it what it was, crazy! Since then, the company has grown into importing the world’s top stones and keeping them in stock. Customers choose their stone (the exact slab they want) and have everything fabricated and installed in house.

Produced for Solid Rock Granite in Sisters, Oregon. Shows the whole process from start to finish of custom granite(and marble) …

This company has a large selection of slabs and remnants on-site, ensuring a positive selection experience. The company supplies the material, fabricates and installs all using their own employees.

Give them a call or stop by to see their slabs, showroom and manufacturing facility all in one place. They measured everything and created the templates, then about a week later came to install. They buffed a few scratches and even came back an extra time to touch-up one of the edges on our kitchen counter. It’s wonderful to hear that you love your new counters! That clearly is what went wrong w my install. I would easily win), post pictures, and write a bad review. Plus the first installer left an abolute mess.

A business that strives to make their customers happy. I feel confident returning to them for future work and will recommend to all of my friends.

Javier and his team are professional, responsive knowledgeable and super helpful. Keep us in mind the next time you need a job done! We love our new kitchen countertop and backsplash and these folks were great from start to finish. Fast, courteous and professional, just as if it was their home. This company came to my home and did a wonderful job. I was so happy with the service and how nice they were. I would recommend this company with confidence. From kitchen and bath countertops, to commercial installations, we are confident we are the right natural stone contractor for your project needs.

We continually update our equipment, software, technology and training to give you the finest quality, and best looking products.

Throughout the fabrication and installation process we ensure that everything is taken care of so even the smallest details of your project gets the attention it deserves.

Afterall when it comes to natural stone fabrication and installation it’s the details that make up for a high quality end result. We will always use only legal and trained employees on your job. On average, how many hours do you work a day?

Oakland Marble and Granite Fabrication and Installation Service

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There are many companies that do their job and then you never see them again. Come into our showroom, and browse our assortment of slabs just waiting to find a home like yours! No work is done unless you are 100% satisfied. They always came on time, the workmen were pleasant and everyone was very responsive, efficient, and anxious to please. Fabio said he will not longer come to fix anything. He pleaded not to ruin his small business and give him a second chance to fix things and stupid me did. He still came with uneven pass thru top, smart enough to say not acceptable but stupid again to let him talk me into it. They said either they were too inexperienced to do one piece or lazy and thought they could get away with it. At first the seam was turning orange because there was so much glue coming through. They tried to buff it out but too much buffing would have damaged the granite. Now the glue is turning color again because of the glue. Plus the first installer left an absolute mess.

The service and care for the installation was great. They were very respectful, the tile was neatly installed and they even cleaned and polished my granite counter top and kitchen sink. I think they should have noticed the first installation. Everyone is very nice and they did come back and accommodate my needs.

Marble and granite company looking for full time fabricator. Our specialty is custom fabrication and installation of indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops.

Start making your dream kitchen a reality.

Milestone Countertops Quartz Granite Marble Fabrication and Installation Houston TX Granite Quartz and Marble Countertop Fabrication and Installation

We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the installation of your countertop run smoothly. We shopped around a lot and no one could touch their prices.

Very accommodating, excellent install job at a great price. Showed up and did exactly what he said he would do at a very competitive price! Our knowledgeable staff can assist in selecting the material, color and layout that works best for your project and vision. We carefully inspect your material and once approved to our standards, sent to production. We begin fabrication with our precise digital process starting with a digital template to a finished product cultivated from our shop machinery. Once approved and sent through our digital fabrication process, it’s ready for installation. Our professional installers respect your home or establishment and leave our worksites as clean as when we arrived! We give instructions on how to best take care of your new space and admire its beauty for years to come. Just like your durable material, we’ve got your covered.Their customer service is amazing, and you can actually tell that they care about every job they are on. The staff was professional and worked with me from beginning to end of the process, answering all my questions.

The men who installed the granite did impeccable work. Their quality and dedication to each of their clients and customers is second to none and serves as an example to the entire residential construction industry. There were no jagged edges like previous contractors’. In addition, they even took time to match up the variations and the grains on both sides of the seam.

Granite Countertop Construction


The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. They made the process very easy and seamless from picking out the granite at the warehouse to getting the beautiful granite slabs installed in our home. Project manager came over and took measurements.

He then discussed our options for lighting, cabinets and the island (given the small space we had to work with). Quartz and it’s my favorite piece in the kitchen. In the end, we were very satisfied with the work done and love our new kitchen.
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Fabio was really helpful in the selection of the stones and making sure we had what we wanted. We have used this company for multiple projects and have never been disappointed. Everyone from selection to installation was knowledgeable and helpful. Are you looking for quality, low cost and craftsmanship in...