Choosing the right granite color is a great way to give any cabinets a contemporary look (and beautiful natural stone counters will be the visual center of the room, taking attention away from the cabinets). But we think more homeowners should be enjoying their oak cabinets.

Oak is a solid, timeless wood that can look great in a fresh, updated kitchen if you pick the right countertop. Here are ten granites that will bring out the best in your cabinets (and look pretty good on their own as well). These bits of color tie in the granite with the color of the wood. To finish off the look, choose a backsplash that accentuates those highlight colors that the granite and oak cabinets have in common.This granite has a creamier background with touches of rose, burnt orange, light brown, and a bit of black. It will create a more subtle contrast, while maintaining that fresh, bright look that everyone is trying to get. Try painting your kitchen walls in one of the accent colors of the granite to create a consistent palette in the room. Titanium is an exotic black granite with swirls of gray and a caramel gold that create the perfect tie in for oak cabinets.

Choose a white or light tile floor with a white backsplash tile and you have an eclectic play on the classic black and white kitchen. This granite has black and dark brown minerals distributed in a small, even pattern.

Awesome Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Countertops

Awesome Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops Here are the dozens ideas about Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets

For those looking for a more traditional look, this is a great match for oak cabinets.

Play up the hints of oak in the stone or make the most of its bolder colors to accentuate the naturally rich colors of oak. Finish off the look with black appliances, a neutral backsplash, and black accents to add a bit of contrast. It fall in between them in lightness and has more earth tones instead of reds.

Like those stones, it has oaky colors sprinkled in among the more obvious tones.

The best way to find a granite that brings out the best in your oak cabinets is to visit a fabricator that will show you a wide variety of granite and take the time to help you find a stone that works with your cabinets and your style. A great way to visualize how a countertop will match your cabinets is to bring along a cabinet drawer when you go granite shopping . Louis area homes and we can share our experience and expertise when you visit our showrooms . Genuine granite is available in a variety of natural hues and veining patterns, so select a piece that contains speckles or streaks of color to tie your kitchen palette together. Neutral white adds a clean, crisp ambiance against natural oak, while also making the kitchen feel more spacious and airy. Pick out a slab of white granite with only a few specks or veins of color to draw attention to the white, or choose granite with numerous colored veining or speckled patterns on a white background to provide a sharp aesthetic contrast. Select granite specks or veins in hues to enhance your kitchen cabinets and furnishings, such as a few yellow- and brown-toned veins, to complement oak cabinets, white appliances and dark hardwood flooring. This earthy trio complements the yellowish tint of the honey oak with a comforting, back-to-nature feel. Choose a granite slab that also incorporates a spattering of muted green or blue shades to inject outdoorsy color inside your kitchen. Choose granite with fine gold veins or rich golden flecks to add a touch of glistening sparkle, while complementing the golden tones of the wood cabinets.

The black granite countertops also tie together black appliances and black light fixtures decorated with shiny gold trim — such as oversize black metal pendant lights embellished with a brass band around the bottom rim of the fixture. For example, choose an emerald green granite with swirls of gray and slight touches of yellow to offer a splash of brilliant color with a slight hint of yellow to visually bind the countertop to the cabinets.

Furnish the kitchen with sleek stainless steel appliances and brushed chrome light fixtures to highlight the modern vibe and emphasize the gray swirls embedded in the green granite countertop. Exchange old cabinet hardware for chrome replacements to complete the bold look. We have golden oak cathedral cabinets which are unfortunately staying. We do have a granite composite charcoal sink and stainless appliances.

The slate tile backsplash is going to be replaced with something complimentary to the new granite. You have a lot going on with the floor and cab style. None of your samples will go with your floor.

Oak Cabinet With Granite

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You need a simple countertop and a simple backsplash. You will have to bring home samples and see them in your space with your cabinets in your lighting. Do you have any suggestions on a more solid colored granite? I do think you would find more possibilities if you would consider quartz. I have oak cabinets and have quartz counters.

I was out last weekend helping my mom look for quartz counters for her oak kitchen, and we saw a many possibilities.

Granite can often have very busy patterns which just won’t look right in my opinion. Get a soapstone top, and a simple soft white subway. I would consider waiting until you have the funds to do a more complete renovation. Costly?….yes, but less so than all new. If you hate the arched pattern on the doors, change out the doors and paint the bases.

I suggest mirrored subway tiles as a backsplash to reflect light. She still has her older countertops, but the new lighting has added a nice sparkle to her kitchen. Many don’t consider the lighting because it does not seem like it would be a big change like new counters.

In the past, marble slabs were placed on oak cabinets in some of the first “modern” bathrooms and on older wash stands.

I used subway tile also because it works well with with the older cabinets – it is a vintage look too. The short apron can be installed on a standard sink base cabinet. The short apron is a bit reminiscent of vintage cast iron sinks, so another vintage touch. I am not sure how those surfaces would work with your slate floor – they work with my wood floor.

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I agree with paulinteriors, get undecabinet lighting. It is more than a random collection of surfaces, colors.

Your floor is dictating the feel in the kitcen. That is what a friend of mine has done and her kitchen already looks so much better – even with older laminate counters.

Then, you will have an idea of the lighting and can better decide between light and dark counters.

I also did my under cabinet lighting about a year before my counters.

Look at the big box store showrooms as many still have black counters.

Keep in mind that the larger showrooms reflect more light than in a home. Lusso has a creamy warm tone with slight gold veining which would compliment your wood cabinets.

Ordering samples of your final choices is money well spent. Even better, if you don’t need the storage, replace the upper cabinet with open shelves and display the items you have above your cabinets.If the cabinet’s interior isn’t finish, paint it. If you’d rather have a smooth painted finish, look into refacing your cabinets instead. Spend the money and get the job done correctly so that the finish lasts.

It’s the cabinets that make it too much for me. Think we should go darker on hardware or brushed nickel? Something like this style above or below would be weighty enough to hold its own with the cathedral arch oak cabs and tile flooring and complement them.

Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets With Granite Countertops

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You could do both in glass (sheets, not tiles) or stainless.

Agree just a short backsplash, maybe also light paint everywhere. You also have the grain of the wood and the shape of the door panel. To have a stone with that much pattern is just too much for the space. You need a less patterned counter and splash. The colors will look great with both your cabinets and floor. So you have oak cabinets that are in good condition, and you are aware that they are dated in the decorative sense, but you believe you can achieve a new and modern look with a change in countertops.

Your sturdy and reliable oak cabinets can remain in place for years to come with a quartz countertop selection that will enrich your cabinets.

You like the advantages of quartz in its durability, easy maintenance and available color choices, but you are at a standstill as to just what color will best coordinate with or match your oak cabinets.

This information will guide you in the right direction. With the current rage in quartz countertops, there are a number of color choices that will bring out the richness of your oak cabinets without them disappearing into the background or taking on a dull or blah appearance. Just what colors of quartz will prevent that from happening? It’s as simple as finding the right samples in pictures or actual samples to bring home with you and place next to your cabinets, backsplash and painted walls.From there, you can narrow it down to a possible two or three and decide which one best compliments the entire kitchen space. The choices can be either light or dark in color with just the right textural aspects to pick up on the tone of the cabinets.

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Choosing the right granite color is a great way to give any cabinets a contemporary look (and beautiful natural stone counters will be the visual center of the room, taking attention away from the cabinets). But we think more homeowners should be enjoying their oak cabinets. Oak is a solid,...