We started doing research, and found that there are lots of affordable countertop ideas, especially if you have a handy husband. I think it’s a great idea and it actually looks easy to do. Are you still happy with the sink and the way it undermounted with the laminate now that it’s been a couple of years? The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. I feel like the photo shopped version had such dark linear veins it just didn’t fit. I can’t tell you how overwhelmingly happy we are with the countertop and can barely believe ourselves that it’s laminate!
I thought about going with some tannish stone for backsplash but didnt really care for the combo. The seam will contrast greatly with the white marble and make the countertop look fake. The laminate was as simple as gluing it on top of particle board, and then adhering the edge and filling in the seams.

Your laundry shows clearly that a product doesn’t have to be uber-expensive to be highly desirable. You can’t run your laptops on battery all the time, after all. We had to make our decision off those tiny 2 x 2 samples and luckily it worked out well!
I love the look of concrete countertops, but hubby vetoed them. They were published on subsequent blog posts, and you can easily find them by entering marble counters in the search box on the sidebar. Used a big roll of formica on furniture grade plywood with 2″ of solid wood running around the edge (so only solid wood is near any edges). Most newer cabinets will have corner brackets that you can screw the countertop into. How were you able to fill in the gaps on the laminate countertops? You may need to do several passes to get the edges flush with the wood.

Formica FxCalacatta Marble

It looks fantastic as a back splash and is easy to install. I would recommend looking at their website and find a distributor near you. I have a friend that also put this countertop into her new kitchen. Do you mind sharing where you found all of the parts for your counter? I love the few decorative pieces on top of the cabinets and how the kitchen transitions so seamlessly into the living area. If you get off somehow, you can’t pull it back off to fix it. I have those same handles in my kitchen and my cabinets under the sink look just like yours. Ours is a dark granite slab lookalike with a ton of color variation of greys, tans, blacks, and even a little red-brown. Get informed and be aware about the environmental safety hazards in old homes, materials and products. When it comes to cleaning laminate countertops, less is more, use a clean, damp, non-abrasive cotton cloth and a mild liquid detergent or household cleaner.

You just have to cut it to the right shape and add end caps. I would choose the same color and style of laminate again in a heartbeat.

Trim off the extra laminate with your router bit, just like you did on the countertop sides before. They said it would be around 35 per linear foot installed with a waterfall edge. Also, so impressed that you are tackling so much at one time (office, the girls’ room, stair railings, halloween parties). My question is (sorry if you addressed this in an earlier blog) who fabricates it? They sell special pre-made edges that you can glue onto your countertops. You know, that dark line at the top corner where the laminate top and side pieces meet–everyone knows it’s laminate from across the room.

Stains wipe off easily tea, coffee, and turmeric which can really stain real marble. After all of the edges of your countertops are covered in laminate and routed flush with the wood, it’s time to put glue on the top surface. It definitely takes laminate counters to a whole new lever! The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. I chose all the components for my countertop and sink and a local fabricator made it for me. You can even feel the little pock marks that real marble has. Don’t want to take out a second mortgage (if you can get one, ha) to afford granite or marble countertops?

Your kitchen is taking on a whole new personality, you are going to love it! I can’t believe how much brighter the entire kitchen is! Cut strips of laminate to cover the edges of the countertop, then cut a big piece to go on top. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. Using a laminate bit, run your router around the edges of the countertops to trim off the extra laminate. It’s insanely low maintenance, and only after years and years of wear and tear should you see anything like peeling or chips unless you really abuse your countertops. Yup, my island is not in it’s best shape already only after a year, water stains it even!

This image is scaled to show full size pattern similar to a slab of real granite. It has lived up to the durable, easy to maintain, stain and impact resistant claims. Ours said they didn’t have it when we went back to look at it a few weeks later, too. Looks awesome and no one would guess that wasn’t real marble. I’ll be watching like a hawk to see how it all turns out. Or the satin looking finish of the wilsonart calcutta laminate. I’d love to have marble, even wood, but hubby thinks it is impractical. I think it definitely goes with the crisp and clean kitchen look you’re going for!
And let me just remind you that we have a lot of countertop in our kitchen. It would really depend on how standard your layout is, etc. We researched the available options and chose what we thought was best. I love this countertop and am planning to put it in my kitchen. Having trouble finding a good white color for subway tile and white paint for cabinets.

Plan on using a full overlay, raised panel cabinet in a mocha stain with formica antique mascarello countertop. Like any surfacing materials it can be damaged by abuse and carelessness. How cool that your hubs is such a handyman, between you two, ya’ll are gonna knock this out! Recommended for horizontal or vertical interior application. Undermount is an interesting concept for formica, you will have to come back and let us know how it wears in a year or so. Also, keep in mind that if you pick a fancy edge, only the front of the counter will have it; any exposed side(s) of the countertop will be squared. A couple examples of applications are vertical surfaces of desks and restaurant booths. Do you mind sharing what color grout you used in the backsplash?
I’m not sure how the quality of my laminate compares to the quality of the laminate brand you’re looking at, but definitely take permanent staining into consideration. In some of these photos there still seems to be a clear edge line that gives it away. I would have never guessed through the pictures that the counter tops aren’t real marble. I’ll be looking at formica for the laundry room at the very least. Plus i like that it adds visual interest with out being too busy in the event you ever want to change the colour of your kitchen, or start adding coloured accessories (maybe a red toaster?!). I love the moodiness of the molding and the paint color with the crispness of the formica and the desk. We brought in the measurements, she asked questions and then finalized the dimensions for the final cuts. Formica says their countertops can be shaped to an ogee edge, bullnose etc. Hot cookware can leave permanent burn marks on many countertop surfaces, including laminate, use a trivet, insulated hot pad or other protective device beneath all hot cookware, heat generating appliances or other heated objects. Only a couch, a lamp and a table, and you are set for living! It has a lot of natural movement, but nothing splotchy or too busy. I have this same faucet in my kitchen in oil rubbed bronze. I would suggest selecting one of their rounded edges (pencil round, full bullnose, half bullnose) but be cautious with any edge with a sharp corner (pencil, bevel, and ogee). I saw an online pic of the wilsonart and it looked as if the veining all swept in the same direction. Your decorating skills are so great that yours will undoubtedly be gorgeous. I can’t believe that isn’t a real slab of concrete. Now, formica offers an “ideal edge”, and the option for an undermount sink. If you want a fancy ogee, bevel or bullnose edge, this is something you might want to look into.

Laminate counter tops sure have come a long way, haven’t they! I would have never guessed the counters are formica – they definitely look like marble! Originally, countertop edges could not be bent or rolled, so that’s why we always see metal edging in early kitchens. What you didn’t see in the before pic is the miniature white ceiling fan that the previous owner’s had installed. We have the traditional 90 degree edge, but the black seam doesn’t stand out at all since the pattern is so dark.

Your kitchen is beautiful and the counters will look gorgeous. Your kitchen will look great with that formica and it will hold up really well. I thought the end was the only place they added the edge and therefore the seam is only on the end. She said it has worked wonders on her white cast iron sink! My question for you is: once you applied the edge profile to the counter top form, how did you conceal that small seam between the counter surface and the edge? The concrete overlay was a perfect solution for our kitchen. Several other versions of their laminate marble-look already are discontinued.

Carefully begin pressing the laminate to wood, leaving plenty of laminate overhanging on all sides. The only thing that bothered me about my edges was that you could see a bit of the white center layer of the laminate. One option you could look into is buying pre-built laminate countertops, then cutting them down to fit your kitchen. I swear, if it is done right, you really can’t tell from a photo that it is not real. This photo gives you a good idea of how the marble will look with our black appliances and the white cabinets. So while there is a texture to the surface, it is not glaringly obvious unless you put your nose 6 inches from the counter. It’s a white acrylic sink and these are molded together in the manufacturing process and then installed as one piece. I love the extra large compartment on the left side of the sink and small one on the right. The sample, while still dark in places, seems to have a more natural flow to the veins. I used it to replace a 1970 piece of laminate that was great quality ( but outdated color ). Couldn’t tell it was not stone, still holding up well to the renters who live there now. I also suggest doing a test run on scrap material so you don’t mess up on your actual countertops. They finished the surface by grinding, sealing, and polishing it. Thank you so much, your kitchen really does look beautiful. The hardest parts were getting the small runs of countertops to lay flat (apparently the top laminate application process can slightly warp the backing) and creating a sink cut out. I don’t profess to be an expert at laminate countertop installation. The main section is 12’8″ long plus we have a 3’x5′ island too. The edges of your freshly cut laminate will be sharp, so file them down with a metal file at a 45 degree angle.

The white cast-iron sink is a great addition, particularly since it now sort of blends with the countertop. I was hoping you could let me know whether or not you’re interested in granting that permission. I am working on a complete kitchen remodel for a client and she has champagne taste and a beer budget.

En Us Products Idealedge Real

Our house is 22 years old and our neighborhood is coming back from a dip in value. When used as recommended with proper use and care, the end result is years of satisfaction. We used the carrara bianco to mimic carrara marble with an ogee edge and they look amazing! Did you get the “honed” finish for your formica calacatta marble?
With the new edging that’s available is it still just that glued on strip?
With our 9′ island how much of the pattern would repeat, etc. Not surprising…my kitchen has white cabinets and black marble. Kudos to you for being practical and understanding your house, lifestyle, and neighborhood. We had a scare earlier this year, shortly before he left his desk job, where we thought he was going to have to go in for surgery again. Emily’s undermount quartz sink in her laminate countertops. Installation was pretty easy if you have a drill, level, and jigsaw. But unfortunately, it has scratched very easily and is my only regret in the entire remodel. We have an angled corner cabinet, so we had to curve the laminate strips. Unfortunately, a marble countertop installation just wasn’t in the books for us this year. Trying to find the right combination that looks the most realistic. Obviously we won’t be doing any cooking down here, but the countertop is highly stain resistant and impact resistant which should stand up to the test of time for a good long while. Start on one end and gradually smooth the piece down the entire length of the countertop side. Did you know that even though you are using laminate you can now install under mounts with laminate countertops? Said they were too likely to stain, too rustic and too trendy.

This picture is after borax, steel wool, and several types of scrubbers. I really love the kitchens that you showed and agree that marble is a budget buster! Our handyman also installed under the cabinet lighting as a last minute request. Did you handyman make your counter tops or did you use a big box store? We are undecided on whether to put a flat edge or ogee edge along the side of counter that meets the stove? Would you be interested in granting us permission to use that amazing first image of your kitchen reveal in an upcoming article?

Bullnose is rounded with no seam but means a 45 degree angle cut on counter top. Can’t justify the cost of solid surface countertop and granite was never on my wish list. If you prefer the properties of laminate over quartz or granite then go ahead (such as not as hard, stays closer to room temperature). I want to get the same sink because of the flat rim, but have read that sinks with squared off corners are hard to keep clean. It looks like a rolled edge with flat strips on the ends and sides of the island. I found a laminate so close in color that everyone who comes into the house has to check out the counter tops closely. Definitely more expensive than granite but there are also some light granites thats are not that expensive.

That just rose to the top of my list of new countertop materials!!! Combining those two elements with their “calacatta marble” gave us our vision for our kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Please tell us about the fern botanicals on the wall behind the sink. I didnt care for the uniform (all in one direction) veining in the wilsonart. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to blow on countertops and these only cost us about 300. I just wish the stores showed them more in the kitchen displays instead of the those tiny samples on the wall. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you are done! I’m so excited to hear you were able to find parts for your counters online. I’m remodeling a 70’s kitchen and attached laundry room. You can put moulding on the sides so that it matched your cabinet door fronts. The edge contour definitely gives it a “real” look.

Formica Calacatta Marble Review

I was blown away by that new feature and knew that it would be perfect for my laundry room choice. I had a hard time finding reviews of real people who actually installed it and lived with it so it was a bit of a leap of faith. There are no specifications to show for this product at this time. The glue is nasty stuff to work with – work in well ventilated and use respirator. And the stains don’t come off easily (or at all -the wine stains are the worst). Homeowners who didn’t choose rolled edges chose flat edges, and metal edging faded from use.

There are many beautiful kitchens that don’t have granite or marble counter tops. Image is a representation of the color; view actual sample of the product prior to making your final selection. One of my favorite bloggers substituted marble for this brand in her kitchen and it just blows my mind how high end it looks. When we moved to a new housing area and everyone was getting granite counter tops, a friend of mine chose laminate. We are in the process of countertop shopping and talk about sticker shock. Yes the sample was great and matches my floor for future installation. Also, other stones that are even more expensive than granite (marble, for example) are infamously brittle and can crack and chip with moderate wear and tear. I’ve read a zillion articles on marble counters and have’t ruled them out but, …we don’t drink red wine, but we live in the country and we’re messy! My understanding is it too can be used to make counters, but you have to have the corners mitered, but it can be done. Knowing the way we live and how much we appreciate a low maintenance, durable product, laminate was the way to go. That puts it into an affordable range for folks like me who are desperately in need of kitchen countertops. There likely would have been a lot of fights about cleaning up to avoid etching and stains, whereas the formica doesn’t really care what you put on it. Let glue dry for 30 minutes (check the instructions on the can since some brands may have different dry times). We chose gray grout instead of white to play up the streaks in the farble. I peeked in your laundry room during your open house about a year ago…and wow this is quite a transformation! So we had two choices: hold out for when we could spend the money on expensive countertops, or find another, more affordable route. I voted for the ‘farble’, and it works really well with your black appliances and white cabinet doors, plus your hardware blends well with it. I have to laugh at the premise of a house being worthy of granite and think the question should be is granite worthy of the house? It could maybe also depend on the manufacturer and the quality of material? I made them look reeeeally hard on their computer, and they found it. Straight corners are how real marble is cut, so it looks more authentic. The sink is nice and deep and will come in handy for gardening projects, washing out paint brushes and many other mudroom chores, since this room has a door going out to my backyard. Or if he doesn’t feel comfortable with the installation they could direct you to other local installers. So good to know that you don’t have to go ‘without’ if you don’t have the budget for real marble! It is very inexpensive and so for a few bucks and some time you can greatly improve how it looks and greatly reduce the chances for snagging etc. Also, unlike years ago where the look of laminate was vastly inferior to almost anything else on the market, with advances in technology they can “print” the image of almost any stone onto sheets of laminate to give you the look you’re going for. Appliances will be either the new ge slate or bisque color. I am going to have to investigate this product further as an option for our kitchen. They donated the material and labor in exchange for us sharing our experience with all of you. What was once a dark and dreary storage/laundry room has now become a full fledged mudroom/laundryroom/storage area and the ugly has mostly been removed.

Think of how your granny or great granny cooked and what their kitches looked like! There’s a learning curve using the router and we have a few places where we chewed through the colored layer of laminate or accidentally knicked it. When you go with a squared-off edge, it will create a dark seam. The cabinetry was painted a solid grey and the hardware was replaced. The countertops have to be pulled away from the wall when you place the laminate on, so just keep that in mind. No, but we were able to go with an attractive temporary solution to an otherwise ugly problem.

She said with high gloss, your plate bottoms will even scratch it. I’m trying to help my decor challenged brother decorate his house from 450 miles away this would be perfect for him! This is an important selection because certain edges can quickly give away the countertops are laminate and not marble. Installing the laminate and the edge wasn’t difficult at all, but the undermount sink was. That corner doesn’t look quite lined up either, with a shadow on the vertical seam. What we did was take a thin wood “panel”..and made it go from the top of the cabinets right down to the floor so that the side of the fridge wasn’t exposed. I am right now in the middle if a destroyed kitchen trying decide between formica calacutta 180fx. The kitchen tops were replaced with a stunning white marble slab and we added a lip and some bench seating to create more of a breakfast bar. The room looks beautiful– can’t wait to see it all finished!

My laminate on my island now has no seam on the longer ends but does on the two short ends. We were able to miter the corners of the ideal edge and use it on all sides of our island. These countertops are great because the edge is continuous meaning to edge strip on most sides. We live in the country (45 acres with three sons, 50 chickens, orchard, and setting up for horses/pigs/cows). I’d love to see a close up shot of the edge and maybe the tiny divots you referred to. However, once we discovered how far the material has come, and how similar a style we could find to marble, we were sold. They have uppdated for sure… and my kitchen is in need of an overhaul!!! The ‘before’ is a shot we hastily took on our first walk-through of the house before we even bought it. We put solid surface counters in our kitchen earlier this year and it took me forever to make up my mind. With all the money we saved on the counters, we were also able install a backsplash. It cleans up beautifully, has natural movement and doesn’t show smudges or wipe marks.

Did you know you can install an undermount sink in laminate countertops? So many choices and how does one know middle range, middle quality. I’m so leery of those that make claims about how wonderful something is when they haven’t even lived with it (especially on sponsored posts). To use the top for an island they can only do the squared edge or the ogee. Your cabinets don’t look pure white…are they an off white?
I don’t like the brown line that you see on the edge of a laminate countertop. I’ve often wondered how people afford to put granite and marble countertops in their homes if they have children. Enjoyed reading your experience in choosing laminate countertops. Postformable to permit bending on suitable commercial postforming equipment. Hot cookware can leave permanent burn marks on many countertop surfaces, including laminate. We gutted our kitchen down to the studs, took out a wall between the dining room and kitchen making it one huge room. The seam you are referring to is created by a traditional “self-edge” or square edge fabrication (the core edge of the top surface is exposed). You also have me contemplating just adding new doors to our 1950s kitchen cabinets like you did.

Swatches are a representation and may vary in color from the final product. If you have an island you can also get the ideal edge with goes around all four sides….!
Its such a waste to fill landfills with junk if it can just stay in place! I was wondering if you went with the gloss or etching finish?
These beautiful countertops are really just digital “prints” of the real thing, technology at its finest….that is why they look so real.

Google “quartzite marble look” to see some examples! I’m looking for exactly the look you got in your kitchen for my master bath countertops. Our kitchen is so small there is only one seam line in the far corner. Moen is also a wonderful sponsor of mine and has supplied all the faucets in my house. We simply sat it on top of my new base cabinet and added liquid nails around the top of the cabinet to adhere the sink, which has a built-in backsplash.

They use digital images of real stone combined with cultured marble. We would love the real thing but would be impractical in our townhouse where we wouldn’t earn the money bag. Does the etching look funny in person or do you not notice it as much? I can’t think of a single person who deserves such a lovely mudroom/laundry room more than you. The countertops look just like marble and sounds like they’ll hold up better. And since we only plan on staying another 2-3 years in this house we’re going with a premium laminate. And your puc of the formuca looks as uf the veining sweeps across from different directions. The only two places we have formica are at our laundry room sink and at our garage sink. It looks so good with your white cabinets and black appliances. My contractor will not do the ideal edge… wants to do a wood edge. And of course, after looking through tons of samples, we ended up going with the first sample we ever looked at! The beauty part of faux-marble laminate is that it is going to be (1) way easier to maintain than marble (2) way less expensive and (3) a more environmentally sensitive choice.

Gone are the days of those ugly brown, unfinished looking edges. So you need to be reeeeeaaaaalllly careful as you start pressing the laminate strips to the edges of the counter. Formica countertops are beautiful, incredibly durable, and affordable.

Did you happen to see my new undermount sink in some of the pictures? I don’t think you could apply new laminate over a rounded or ogee edge. I love my counter tops, and with a little polishing compound now and again it’s easy to keep them looking good as new. If your primary reason for looking at laminate is expected cost savings don’t assume it is cheaper than quartz. With 180fx, get the upscale look of real stone and hardwood with the easy care, practicality and affordability of laminate. I actually think the straight edge is not totally horrible…in fact it is kind of sleek. She has a fabulous house and was intentional in her use of formica in the kitchen for much the same reasons you have given. Mine will keep me super happy until we finally get to our kitchen reno in a few years. I really want to make this countertop work in my kitchen as well as it did in yours!!

They sure do make the cabinets look awful, don’t you think?

Start in the middle and work to one side, then do the other side.

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We started doing research, and found that there are lots of affordable countertop ideas, especially if you have a handy husband. I think it’s a great idea and it actually looks easy to do. Are you still happy with the sink and the way it undermounted with the laminate...