This being said, it is important to make sure that it looks good. We are old world craftsmen who take a modern day approach to fireplace mantels. Installation is simple with these cast stone and plaster fireplaces and can be done by many different types of tradesmen including but not limited to carpenters, masons, landscapers and tile installers. This fireplace is hand carved from marble and can be carved from other stones as well.

Marble is similar to granite in the sense that it often comes in slab form with a hole in the middle of it. The marble mantel, marble jambs (or marble legs), and marble hearth are all made from the same marble.

This is a natural occurring wave pattern in this marble used in this fireplace.

Marble Fireplace Mantels Nj

Various Marble fireplace Mantels in our showroom. Replace that old fireplace mantel or fireplace surround. 100s of fireplace mantel

From inspiration to installation, let us assist you build the perfect cast stone fireplace mantel. Our final step was to apply a marble sealer to inhibit future oxidation. The hearth and inner panels are also part of the fireplace.

There are cherubim carved on the sides from the same real marble. Some of our fireplaces are hand carved fireplaces while other fireplace mantels are machine carved. Granite is a common material used for a fireplace because of the simplicity that comes with it. Precast or cast stone can also be finished in a way to give is an old world look or that rustic tarnished look. Limestone is another material that is popular for fireplaces because of the resemblance it has to marble. The warehouse is open for treasure hunting anytime by appointment.

This has a simple look to it and it is for people who want to have a casual feel to the room.

The carvings on this carved marble fireplace surround have great fine detail. This fireplace is pictured with a marble hearth, marble fireplace mantle shelf and could come with a custom marble fireplace inner surround. The waves of color that run through this marble are yellowish and reddish and that gives this marble a specific look. From one generation to the next we have an extensive understanding of both the art and science of woodworking and the decorative arts.

There are many different materials that can be used for fireplaces and some of them are granite, marble, limestone, travertine, or onyx. This marble fireplaces has four marble legs that point forward and to the side.

Combining aesthetics and functionality, our fireplace mantels and surrounds turn any type of insert, whether itÂ’s gas, electric or wood burning, into a work of art. Wohners custom door division sells and services decorative hardwood doors in the metropolitan area. In this fireplace the hearth, fireplace surround and the mantel shelf are all made from the same marble. Talk to us today about your dream fireplace mantel through our hotline for zero obligation today! A smooth finish that is similar to limestone and sandstone. We have installation crews have the tools, skills and know how to install these beautiful carved products.

This is because travertine has a unique look to it due to the tiny holes on its surface. Wohners provides one of the largest selection of quality fireplace mantels anywhere. Contour lines run up the corbel legs of the marble fireplace.

From simple to intricately detailed mantels, our consultants can make it possible for you to have your dream fireplace. Antique and rustic finish mantel with bold and strong statement corbels.

This is a great example of a large marble fireplace mantel. The constancy of the marble gives this gray marble a unity.

The hearth is made from the same marble and there is a small marble step under the marble hearth to give the marble hearth some extra height. A fireplace can add life to any room so it is important to make it look great. An antique mantel is an investment similar to a painting or sculpture. After the poultice was completely dry, we carefully scraped the excess poultice off and cleaned the marble with an industrial strength, stone-safe solution. Check more of our fireplaces that are on sale on the sale page. There is slight discoloration, but all parts stay together and it wonÂ’t fall apart.

But your new investment piece is usually dull, cracked and/or chipped plus it probably doesnÂ’t perfectly fit your current firebox. The plaster hearth, plaster mantel shelf, and plaster legs are all made from the same color and texture plaster. This is a more expensive piece due to the stone that were used, the overall size and the details. Would be a great addition to your fireplace collection or childÂ’s playhouse fireplace! The quality of our hand carved and machine carved fireplaces are both great and it simply depends on the style or factory as to whether it is a hand carved fireplace or a machine carved fireplace mantel surround. Olivia is pictured with a travertine hearth and with inner surrounds also made from the same natural stone. Our experts can help you choose the right door for your architectural style.

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Below the corbels on this fireplace there are flowers with vines. Francisco replaced an igniter kit on my furnace recently and did a great job. Since this is a natural occurring wave style no two marble patterns are the same.

Let us assist you in every step of your cast stone fireplace mantel project. Georgia fireplace mantel is a beautiful hand carved fireplace with pilasters columns.

If someone wants to have an onyx countertop then they are trying to make it the highlight of the room. There are leaves and statues that are carved into the side of this fireplace.

Simple fireplace surround made from a cream bello limestone in a honed finish. The monotony of a gray consistent marble is made brilliant with the perfect carvings into this marble. ItÂ’s in great shape for the age save for some minor defects by the base.

Usually a granite slab is used with a hole in the middle for the fire. It features flawlessly fashioned custom mantels that are an exemplary vision of beauty and aesthetics. Onyx is a material that has a veiny look to it, which adds contrast to the different colors. If planned out properly, any material can make the fireplace look good. This fireplace can also be carved from many other natural stones including but not limited to limestone, sandstone, travertine, and other marbles. Marble fireplaces and limestone fireplaces and travertine fireplaces and travertine fireplaces all on sale. A rounded marble mantel shelf sits a top a the surround legs that are carved from the same marble. Have you purchased an antique stone fireplace mantel and are looking for a professional to restore install it?

There is a link below to view more fireplaces that are on sale. However, marble has a higher quality reputation to it so this is for rooms that are looking to be more elegant. Cast stone also know as precast or man made stone is available is almost and color. The cast stone fireplaces usually donÂ’t need structural support because they are light weight and a lot of the weight is dispersed on the back wall and on the floor. Go to the sale page to get great deals on marble fireplace.

This is a two marble fireplace with green and white marble. These cast stone fireplaces and plaster fireplaces are great for remodeling and new construction. Thick grey veining is the obvious characteristic of this marble. Once a general family or style of stone is selected there is a huge selection from there. This fireplace is a great example of the fine high quality fireplaces that we are able to provide them with. This is an earth toned marble that gives this marble fireplace a neutral look.

This is a beautiful floral fireplace mantel surround that is entirely made from marble. So you are looking for a full service company to handle it. Very good condition with some mild surface rust on the leg ends. A step mantel shelf and hearth a long with four marble columns holding the marble mantel shelf. Marble is a more expensive material than granite, so the cost will be greater but the looks will make up for the pricing. Marble comes in a variety of colors as noted by this marble fireplace that is a warm three tone fireplace.

The warm white marble details are beautifully ornate and intricate. With its fine carvings of faces, flowers, leaves, and patterns this marble surround is sure to catch any eye. Not pictured is are the inner panels and the hearth comes with the fireplace. With cast stone or plaster, there are a variety of colors and textures to choose from for your fireplace mantel surround. Highly recommend this company for chimney repairs, they were super reliable and did a great job completing the project. If this is the case, donÂ’t worry about it because a lot of other people have the same problem as well. We wrapped the poultice-covered pieces in plastic with just enough ventilation to allow the moisture in the poultice to slowly evaporate. With woman statues on the side carved into the stone to supports the mantel shelf on this carved facing. This travertine fireplace looks like a travertine fireplace or a limestone fireplace. Onyx isnÂ’t commonly used for fireplaces but when it is, it makes the fireplace look unique. Some projects may also be installed out of state depending on the size of the project.

The highest quality stones are used to carve all of our products. The mantel is oriental in inspiration and is crowned with a grandiose shelf on top of its beautiful pillar column legs. Even though it might look good, travertine can be difficult to maintain because of its holes and troughs.

This will allow for a good fit around the firebox of various sizes. We know how make your antique mantel look like a spectacular work of art. Each stone mantel is fire resistant and allows for zero clearance from combustible material (no space required between firebox and mantel) making it the perfect choice for gas or wood fireplaces.
This being said, it is important to make sure that it looks good. We are old world craftsmen who take a modern day approach to fireplace mantels. Installation is simple with these cast stone and plaster fireplaces and can be done by many different types of tradesmen including but...