Amazing tutorial — paint your own faux marble countertops! Be sure to check all the edges and so everything is covered. Was the piece so large that it was hard to spread while it was setting? I would plan on doing the sink without the veining (just white) but will the epoxy work on the sink since it is not a flat surface? I think marble is so classic, it will look great with any color cabinets — if you look up “light wood cabinets with marble” there are some beautiful kitchens with cabinets like yours and marble counters.

Start painting by dipping the sea sponge into the lightest gray paint and dabbing it on to create the light/dark marble variations.

Faux Carrara Marble Countertops

Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your own marble counters for as little as $20. For a more overlapped look, use different

I went to my hardware store and picked upna two part epoxy for my counter. I dream of marbleÂ….and now am seriously tempted to try this.

Quartz is my go-to bathroom vanity-top material, because of the low upkeep required to keep it looking good. I actually think that covering the first draft in white helped give it more depth, which make it look a lot more realistic. At this point, the mixture looks yellow but it will spread out and dry clear, so don’t panic! I really can’t even describe how amazing it looks in person. I set a wet magazine on it (mail from outside) and the magazine print transferred to the counter. Then lightly dry brush the vein with your cheap bristled brush to soften it. I’m usually not into faux finishes – like, be you, you know?

However, with magic eraser iÂ’ve been able to wipe it clean every single time! It wasnÂ’t easy and my edges arenÂ’t as thickly covered as the rest. I will sand it down today and add another coat to see how that goesÂ….

You really have to work it and gently smooth out the glaze. We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while weÂ’re working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours.

Major props to you for taking the steps and having the patience to get it done. IÂ’m not personally familiar with most of them, so youÂ’d have to do a bit of research and read up on which ones are recommended for kitchen use and tested for food safety. I wouldnÂ’t sand it down, because that would scratch the surface and make the glaze cloudy.

Easy solution to change your counters in a rental or on a teeny budget. I completed our kitchen island last night following your tutorial and i am thrilled with the result. I just used leftover paint to mix up three different colors of gray: a very dark gray, a medium gray, and a light gray.

Move beyond traditional marble for your kitchen countertops. It will level as it sits, and you have to work quickly to get it spread before it begins to set up. The painting is spot-on, and that super glaze really finishes it off beautifully. I made sure to spread over the edges and get them covered as well. ItÂ’s supposed to be very easy to work with and looks very real. We donÂ’t cut things or put hot things on them, but all other manners of kitchen activity have been done to them!

I painted my kitchen countertops to look like Carrera marble and I LOVE how they turned out! It was very very easy so I thought I

Smooth out the mixture as best you can and let it run right off the edges. It’s already plastic laminate that’s been painted with a countertop kit from the previous owners. Will you be able to chop on top of it, or put hot dishes on it, or do something else careless and not have to worry about it getting messed up? Wouldn’t that look good with our new black appliances? I think it would be so loving of you to do our countertops for us. Totally impracticable for more than an itsy amount of counter. Can you actually cut on it, if you still wanted to use it as a chopping block? I believe she may have even already posted an update about how it’s holding up. They’ve held up better than the butcher block that we used as countertops, actually…. So i’m not sure about a bleach cleaner — but the magic eraser sure does work for me. Even a red wine stain and image transfer from a wet magazine came off with a magic eraser. I’ve seen several attempts at this but yours actually looks like real marble! It took a lot of layers and patience, but in the end wasn’t too hard! I think, in retrospect, that it may have darkened our kitchen up a bit too much. I’d love to try making a bathroom counter top this way. I’m so tempted to do this to all of our kitchen counters now instead of getting butcher block since we won’t be in the house forever. I think it looks great…and really, if you hate it down the road it isn’t such a huge investment that you can’t do something different. Do you have to remove your countertop or can you just leave the countertop in place? My sinks are part of the counter and not separate, do you think this would hold up for the inside of the sinks? You don’t want any epoxy build-up on them or the countertop might not fit back into place. I really want to do this to my kitchen laminate counter top. I suggest painting a couple of sample boards to get comfortable with the technique and learn what look you like.

Then, the clear coat needed about 12 hours to be dry enough to move into the kitchen, then almost a week to cure totally. Do you recommend all the same products or have you seen anything for black marble effect? Wow those look amazing, who would have thought it was painted. I have ugly blue laminate countertops and would like to use your method. Was wondering if this is too hard to do, to already established bathroom countertops? Then, once it was dry enough to carry, we carefully carried it inside.

Sponge over any of the veins with the lighter colors to soften the vein or create a feeling of depth. IÂ’m wondering if this project is possible on laminate counters that are originally darker?

The thick clear coat kind of fills in any paint or brush textures, making the whole thing look crazy smooth and realistic. I went and got a big soft dry paint brush from the basement, got another mid-sized paintbrush for the larger veins, and kept the feather for the small veins. Did you have a piece of marble to use as a sort of pattern and example? Occasionally flip and push the feather (rather than pulling it) to create natural looking veins. I bought two boxes of resin, but just used one and it was more than enough! It really does look like natural mineral deposits on your faux marble! Did you use the sealant on them or would that be undo-able because the sealant levels out and would drip down off of the edges? I also used a much smaller plastic putty knife to help control the spread. We just finished up our kitchen remodel using your tutorial, and the counter tops look awesome!

You can buy large marble tiles for around that same cost per sq ft if you hunt them up. Great tips on painting laminate furniture as well as how to apply a faux marble top. I’m considering doing this in my kitchen and just wondering how it’s held up over time… can you set hot pots on it or do you have to be really careful around it? I went over mine 2-3 times trying to get the pattern just right, so it does take a bit of practice! I’m just wondering if this would work on a bathroom countertop where the sink is a part of the counter. I’m looking at doing this on my 50 ish sqft of countertop. I realized that the butcher block counters and the butcher block island might not only be a lot of butcher block, but it might not match at all. Wish the glaze was cheaper – think it works well for smaller pieces. Add the marble veins by dipping the tip of the feather into the darker gray paints and dragging and wiggling it across the countertop. Love the look, just wanting to know the durability before trying! Look for something out of the norm — traditional chandeliers get a quick update when placed inside modern drum shades.
Amazing tutorial — paint your own faux marble countertops! Be sure to check all the edges and so everything is covered. Was the piece so large that it was hard to spread while it was setting? I would plan on doing the sink without the veining (just white) but will...