I need support for my 15″ granite overhang?< I brought support up to the granite contractor and he said no support needed as he proceeded to sit on the edge of the counter.

Stone and overhangs are harder than they appear from outside the industry. They aren’t easy inside the industry either. Our fabricator recommended using the countertop brackets someone posted above. We had three installed about 18-20 inches apart.Do you feel this is adequate support for our granite? Of course the steel doesn’t bend, the plate twists . The granite contract stipulates this among other things such as what type of cleaners are acceptable. When they installed my quartzite they ran a steal bar with reinforcements down the entire length of the island with additional steel supports into the actual island. I also have two posts at each end to support the top, but the overhang is not nearly as great as the one shown and mine has what appears to be twice the steel supports. If that’s not good for you then you will have to cut the granite /quartz.

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I am installing these “invisible” supports under a shorter quartz overhang. If your top is 3cm and as long as your cantilever isn’t more than 1/3 of the width of the top, you can cantilever up to 15″ in engineered stone without supports. I am going to be putting down a 61″ deep 3cm quartz slab on my kitchen island w/ 15″-16″ overhangs. The side with the overhang has a new 2×4 knee wall with double 2×4 top plate. So we are meeting the 1/3 rule but it is 2cm with no plywood underneath since we are going for a very contemporary thin edge. We have 24″ base cabinets backed on to 12″ base cabinets that are under the overhang (for extra storage). We are worried and not sure what can be done given that we have the cabinet doors that open underneath the overhang. We are installing a kitchen island with a 3cm thick quartz countertop. We have 24″ base cabinets backed on to 12″ base cabinets that are under the overhang. Had 3 cm granite countertops installed yesterday with a 12″ overhang. When we ordered, they said anything over 10″ should have support. Our counters in the area of the overhang are 25″ by about 108″. Finally, there is a 20×29″ cutout for the gas stove top. The overhang makes it hard to access what is inside those cabinets. You have enough space for a table and chairs. If you feel like you need to ask for second & third opinions after you ask your contractor than itÂ’ll probably worry you for the rest of your life (or as long as you have to look at it) & nobody needs anymore stress if they can help it. Cabinets were delivered without the support 2 days ago, and then the templating was done. That’s when the countertop fabricator back tracked and said he didn’t think support was necessary, after initially telling us that we needed it. Leaning in the direction of putting in some support. Quartz however has a better overhang length without supports. Hope that helps and good luck with your project. We’re buying a spec home and there is not enough room to fit barstools under the granite (there is a 12″ overhang currently which is supported by posts under the end of the overhang). The builder is suggesting that we can replace the slab with a slab that is 75″ long with a 24″ overhang. Or go up to 18″ max ( the seats of most stools are only 16-18″ anyway ).

I would also defer to you r fabricator as to their requirements for supports with that size of overhang. I agree that anything more just looks like too much. We’re going to stay with the 12″ overhang, but have the builder remove the posts under the granite. That will give a little more room for bar stools. DonÂ’t take a chance leaving a stone overhang without support. Including that you have to support overhanging stone islands!! Use granite countertop brackets when overhanging stone counters. Granite supports can be either functional, decorative, or both depending on your granite countertop installation. What size granite countertop support brackets will you need? The size of your granite support legs and brackets will be based on your overhang. Mount the bracket to the stud and ensure that the top of the bracket is level with the underside of the granite. The horizontal plate of the bracket should be level. No need for custom made brackets, when high quality, standard brackets are available for immediate shipping Â… and at prices you canÂ’t beat! Are your granite countertop brackets strong enough? This granite top is doomed for failure the moment someone decides to sit on it, unless a support is put underneath it. Originally, in the planning phase, the general contractor said we didnÂ’t need a support under a long peninsula countertop made with solid granite. Now the field construction manager feels very uncomfortable with the 50 inches of unsupported granite that spans between a cabinet and two decorative posts at the end of the peninsula. I like the clean look we have now with no supports. My college degree happens to be in geology, and granite is by far my favorite rock.

Granite Countertop Span Needs Support

I love everything about it, most of all the varied colors and crystals you can get. This stunning bedrock contains massive white feldspar crystals, some the size of giant cocktail shrimp, in a fine-grained black matrix. I have a huge block of this ledge exposed right next to my driveway. You mentioned that you’re attracted to the clean look of the current top with nothing underneath it. My decades of job site experience cause me to look at situations like this differently. I also see a painter standing on the countertop because he’s too lazy to move his ladder. Both visions end up with large chunks of granite on your gorgeous hardwood kitchen floor. You probably think that granite is extremely strong – after all, it’s granite. Just about every stone product, including artificial stone such as concrete, is very strong in compression. This means if it is squeezed, thousands of pounds of force per square inch are required to cause a crack. While your granite has great compressive strength, it’s very weak in tension.A stone is subjected to tension when it’s stretched. If you were to load the center of your granite peninsula countertop right now with a given amount of weight, the bottom of the granite starts to stretch or pull apart. The bottom line is that your granite top could crack and tumble to the kitchen floor with as little as 100 or 150 pounds loaded at the center of the 50-inch span. What would it cost to replace a broken countertop? Remember, granite is a natural product, and the colors, crystal structure and so forth can vary in the quarry. You may not even be able to get a matching slab six months from now, much less two years from now.

Requirements For Overhangs

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I feel you need to install a support that runs down the center of the peninsula. It can be very narrow and provide the necessary bracing to prevent failure when someone loads the center of the top. Here are a few options that popped into my mind. The simplest idea is to have a custom panel made thatÂ’s about an inch or so thick that matches the look of the two end posts at the corners of the peninsula. This would provide you with the maximum space under the top in case you thought about putting low stools at the counter. If youÂ’re willing to give up a little more legroom, you can have a thin cabinet made that has glass doors on both sides. I see in the photo you provided that the cabinet facing your front door has glass doors so that you can see whatÂ’s in the cabinet. You might display decorative items in this narrow cabinet under the granite. With glass on both sides youÂ’ll be able to see through it, which would help preserve that clean look you like. You might also have a narrow, open bookcase installed under the granite. Many books are just 6 or 8 inches deep, and this would not take up too much space. The bookcase wouldnÂ’t have to be packed full of cookbooks, and if you do this, once again, there will be open space that helps satisfy your desire to keep the look sleek and simple. YouÂ’ll not lose a moment of sleep once you have support under that granite.My vote, in case it counts, is to go with the thin cabinet with the glass doors.

I need support for my 15' granite overhang?< I brought support up to the granite contractor and he said no support needed as he proceeded to sit on the edge of the counter. Stone and overhangs are harder than they appear from outside the industry. They aren't easy inside the...