What are suitable cabinet colors for grey granite countertops ? A granite countertop is a costly investment which adds value to your property and it will be a stressful experience if you chose the wrong color for the cabinets.

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What are suitable cabinet colors for grey granite countertops? If you are faced with the problem to decide what are suitable cabinet colors for grey granite countertops , this article will be quite useful as we shall look at different color combinations.

To begin with the fact that gray looks very sophisticated and dark granite countertops will add a great deal of charm and elegance to your kitchen. Grey is very fashionable color and it has so many shades to choose from.Being a neutral color it works very well with many other colors and it is up to your personal taste how you will combine a granite countertop and kitchen cabinets color. The combination of gray and white seems soft and soothing and creates a feeling of serenity in the kitchen. This combination visually expands the space and is ideal for smaller rooms.

The combination provides the opportunity to add vibrant colors as accents which will enhance the elegance in the neutral background . Grey countertop and gray kitchen cabinets is not a popular choice as many people think that the kitchen will have a monochrome look. The easiest way to avoid that is choosing different shades of gray and combine dark and light tones which will add a dynamic feeling.

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Granite countertops work beautifully with natural wood cabinets.

Light wood cabinets combined with darker gray shades create a beautiful contrast and the kitchen looks modern and sleek. Darker cabinets are complemented by the lighter shades of gray. Of course, if you wanted your countertop to blend in the kitchen interior instead of stand out, choose the relevant shade. Dark countertop and red kitchen cabinets are a stunningly beautiful combination which unites the sophistication of gray and the brightness of red. You can choose for dark wall color to complement the countertop or another vibrant color to add more brightness.

Dark countertop and black kitchen cabinets is the opposite of gray and white combination. This combination is suitable for larger rooms.

With modern lighting accessories the kitchen will look absolutely stunning. To avoid an expensive decorating mishap, you’ll want to coordinate not only the two materials but all aspects and features within your kitchen. In the end, the steps involved coordinating a countertop with your cabinetry and the kitchen’s other existing features will result in a choice that’s a smart-looking investment rather than a costly disaster. Unscrew one of your smaller cabinet doors to bring it to a granite retailer. Also bring along a paint swatch of your desired wall color or picture of your existing kitchen wall color. Hold the cabinet door, paint swatch and pictures over the various stone hues.

Look for a stone that has some of the door’s color but also complements the flooring, paint color and decor. Take a few choice granite samples home, if samples are available. If samples aren’t available, ask for pamphlets showing your top granite choices or take some pictures of your favorites using a camera. Cover your old countertops with a white sheet or white paper for a neutral backdrop. Lay the granite samples or pictures over the covered countertops.

Examine them in your home’s natural lighting and under your electric lights at night. Pictures may not give a true or realistic look, but they will provide you with a good idea of the color and contrast within the space. Compare all surrounding features of your kitchen to see which granite sample best fits within the space. But when necessary, repaint the walls and change out the fabrics to match the more costly and permanent features, like cabinetry, flooring and granite. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new countertops and kitchen so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

What Are Suitable Cabinet Colors For Grey Granite Countertops

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We’ve put together this granite color selection guide to help you make the best decision for your home. This is because granite colors and patterns are not uniform from block to block. The granite color is sculpted by nature, not in a factory, so no two slabs will ever be identical. You will have more options if you choose the granite countertop first. It will be easier to match the cabinet color to the counter. If you have already chosen the cabinet color or you have the cabinets already installed, that’s okay! In this case, the best way to match your granite to the chosen or existing cabinets is to physically compare the two next to each other. When going to visit the granite showroom , bring along either a sample of the cabinet material or unscrew a door from your existing cabinets.

Contrasting colors are usually the most popular option. Complimentary colors for your countertops means that you will choose a granite color that is similar in shade to your cabinets.

You don’t want to create a monotone color scheme for your kitchen but since most light colored granite will still have other veins of color throughout, it will still look good. They also work well in a small kitchen space by helping create a more open environment. White on white can create a sleek and modern looking kitchen. It is a versatile look that depending on the cabinets it is paired with look either classic or contemporary. Dark colored counters pair well with light colored wood or white cabinets.

Dark granite counters with white cabinets have been a popular choice over the last decade. The dark surface creates an eye-catching look in a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

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What are suitable cabinet colors for grey granite countertops ? A granite countertop is a costly investment which adds value to your property and it will be a stressful experience if you chose the wrong color for the cabinets. What are suitable cabinet colors for grey granite countertops? If you...