This cultured marble pet urn is also waterproof, durable and resistant to chipping. Urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern. It’s warm, ivory look and feel results from the use of a special cultured marble medium.

We hand cut the stone, grind, polish and assemble each and every one.

Cultured Marble Pet Urns

A question which we are often asked is, “What is Cultured Marble ?” Daniel describes the advantages to choosing cultures marble, CC

Whether singing to a beloved dog, venting about a hard day to a feline friend, or maybe even confiding secrets to a ferret, a pet can certainly be one of the greatest comforts, and even pillars of strength for some. Cultured marble urns are the best option for ground burial as they generally meet all guidelines and don’t require an expensive outer burial vault. We source products made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Your choice of color fill will make the personalized tribute stand out in honor of your loved one.

Pet urns in white marble and black granite with photos engraved into the cremation urn . Custom pet cremation urns by Mainely Urns.

For instance, a green coloration is often due to serpentine and other impurities that have been recrystallized by intense pressure.

Cast from polymer materials and hand-painted to simulate cast bronze.

The interior is accessed through a threaded cap on the bottom of the urn. Cultured granite formed into traditional ancient ginger jar shape. It can be easily fashioned into various shapes and has many uses, such as in construction for countertops, sinks, showers, and floors. Featuring white with grey veining, this urn is perfect for ground burial, as it meets or exceeds most cemetery’s guidelines.

Laser-etched scene depicts a peaceful country path with birds in flight at sunset.

Hand carved marble cremation urns have been used for thousands of years.

Our cat urns show the regal and majestic history of felines as well as their loving nature. They are so strong that they can withstand the elements, which ensures a long-lasting and peaceful resting place. The glossy protective finish on the urns cannot be scratched or dented.

Due to the nature of marble, patterns and colors will vary with each cremation urn. It is formed primarily of limestone, crystallized over millions of years through extreme heat and pressure. With vibrant colors and realistic imagery, each one offers a message of peace and serenity. An optional laser engraved inscription is available, carved by advanced laser technology directly into the surface of the colored marble. This urn is made out of a solid block of marble, not from marble powder or chips. The cultured marble urns are so durable in fact, that they can be interred and act as both the urn, as well as the burial vault, meaning no additional vault would be necessary. Our marble cremation urns come in colors and patterns in combinations that reflect the beauty of all aspects of nature: the sky, the earth, the water. Oversized, white black colored,cultured marble cremation urn. Colors that appear in marble’s swirls or veins were created by minerals such as silt, sand or iron oxides present during formation. Marble is naturally a light-colored stone, however, it appears in many colors because of impurities present when the rock formed. Oversized adult sized, syrocco colored, cultured marble cremation urn. Set of a keepsake size and adult size, teakwood colored marble cremation urns. A very nice green and blue marble cremation urn with sealable base. However, if you have a certain size urn, most funeral homes can make certain adjustments to accommodate that size urn, within reason. This discreet and elegant cremation urn is genuine black/grey marble and an engraved nameplate as shown (see closeup of nameplate above).

You will find adult size urns with a typical 200 cubic inch capacity and keepsakes for ashes as small as 20 cubic inches. Cultured pet urns are unique in that they are made of materials that are meant to create long-lasting and elegant remembrances of our beloved friends. It is created from a mixture of stone dust, acrylic resins, and pigments made to resemble the color and quality of marble. Adult sized, black grain colored, solid marble cremation urn.

However, you may wish to add a nameplate or medallion to further personalize your pet urn. The results of engraving on stone have a classic beauty all their own. We offer a complete line of supplies to the funeral industry. These materials can be utilized to create a funerary vessel of virtually any shape or finish. The color of mine is more of a grayish green than the bright green of the picture, but in ceramics colors often vary. The cultured marble urns are made for keepsakes and every size through to adult.

The extra-large standard sized funeral urn will hold 242 cubic inches of remains (industry standard for an adult is 200), and we also offer a large 550 cubic inch companion size version for the remains of two people. Since cultured marble is a mixture of fiberglass resin and crushed limestone, the colors and veining of the finished urn will depend on the specific formulation and the techniques of the skilled artisan.

Differing types of natural stone work well with either a rotary or laser engraver. The adult urn is top loading and the lid can be sealed with glue (not included). They are easily molded and create long-lasting small urns or large urns for ashes.

Some of our most popular pieces are created from cultured marble, and offer an piece that is even more durable than natural marble.

Oohlafroufrou Decor Grand Entrance

The figurine is cast polymer with an elegant bronze finish. We color our own epoxy to match each stone’s characteristic. You will also find cultured marble cremation urns for two and extra-large.

Each urn is made from one block of stone and not pieced together; this helps to prevent the urn from cracking and allows the urn to be seamless. Here is a short tutorial on how to open a stone or marble urn. Knowing how to open an urn isn’t something that most of us haven’t had to do.

You’ll appreciate the ornate images and fine attention to detail in each cultured marble urn. The body of this urn is highly polished and the flared base provides a sturdy platform. The grieving process is different for everyone, but many find that creating a long lasting, even permanent, memorial tribute to the fallen pet can greatly help in coping with the loss. Cast from polymer materials then hand-painted to simulate wood tones.

The bottom is cloth lined and features a 2″ threaded cap, that when securely replaced makes a water-resistant seal. Whether it be a dog or cat, or perhaps a more exotic pet, they certainly have a way of working themselves into our lives, and into our hearts, in no time at all. Adult sized, gray and white colored, oceanic marble cremation urn. Also include persons weight, or if double urn then combined weight, for proper size of urn to be created.


This cultured marble pet urn is also waterproof, durable and resistant to chipping. Urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pattern. It’s warm, ivory look and feel results from the use of a special cultured marble medium. We hand cut the stone, grind, polish and assemble...