Today’s homeowner needs a kitchen that is as versatile as life requires. As you have discovered, there are many benefits to having cultured marble for your vanity top. These colors are available in all our cultured marble products including: marble tub surrounds, marble fireplace surrounds, marble kitchen countertops, marble bathroom vanities, marble shower walls and much more. We have over 90 different cultured marble colors, and over 70 different cultured/spray granite colors that you can choose from. All of the cultured marble, granite and onyx are available in either gloss, suede or matte finish. You need to know what it is and how it is made, as well as what colors and styles are available.

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With that said, a crack or broken piece cannot be repaired, as these are made from a single mold. We also install corner or bench seats as well as shampoo dishes.

However, it is a product that many homeowners choose for the bathroom vanity.

Cultured Marble Granite Colors

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Before you jump to make a decision about what material to choose for your vanity top, it is important that you discover all there is to know about cultured marble. As shown here in a vanity top, a solid color bowl creates the elegant simulation of a seamless under-mount bowl, an affordable and popular option for many homeowners. In fact, dust from real natural marble is used in the manufacturing process of cultured marble, and actually makes up about 75% of the finished product. This process provides a beautiful, durable product that is resistant to mildew and stains and is very easy to care for. These include slabs of different shades and veining patterns, making our products perfect for both traditional and modern interiors of any style.

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All of our products are available in cultured marble, onyx or granite in a matte or gloss finish. Please note that colors may not be accurate on your screen. Surprisingly, many homeowners who are interested in granite countertops or vanity tops often choose cultured marble for its versatility in styles and shapes.

Many different color combinations are possible with cultured material- just ask about custom colors!

Colors Marble

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In addition, you should be aware of what it takes to clean and polish cultured marble. If the water drops are left there, they can easily be cleaned with vinegar via a spray bottle. Along with bathroom vanity tops, cultured marble is also an excellent choice for bathtubs, shower bases and window sills. Cultured marble can have color variation from piece to piece and from the actual sample piece.

To get exactly the marble you’re looking for, visit our showroom. Cultured marble is a precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments, thoroughly mixed and placed into open molds which are coated with a clear gel-coat. Note that the color samples we provide below are only basic representations of the color, and differences in shade or veining patterns can vary. We also have a selection of edge treatments, integral sinks, undermount sinks and drain boards to complement any kitchen. In addition, the manufacturer can add tint to create just about any color you desire. Aside from vanity tops, you can also purchase other products for the bathroom – and kitchen – that are made of cultured marble. The tops can include an integrated bowl and backsplash, and can be manufactured to your exact specifications. Due to the variation in settings on computer monitors, the colors here may not faithfully represent the actual product. Use a soft cloth to apply the polish and follow the directions of the manufacturer on the polish bottle for length of time it needs to set. Browse our cultured marble vanity tops colors and pick the color that catches your eye or matches your decor. Our specialties include vanity tops, shower kits, counter tops and more! Start by wiping down your vanity top with a lightly damp washcloth, ensuring you remove dirt, dust, grime, or toothpaste left behind by the kids.

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Cultured marble has only been around for about 40 years, but has made great progress over the last few decades. When selecting or matching colors lighting (natural or artificial) or other conditions could affect the look of the product. It comes in a wide variety of colors and realistic, natural looking patterns. Because of the flexibility of the cultured marble process, you can choose color, bowl, and edges to reflect your own decorating style. It is very durable and can outlast a real marble counter or vanity top.

Cultured marble is created by blending crushed natural marble dust and polyester resin. Cultured marble and translucent onyx are available in 100 different base and accent colors. If you have a cultured marble shower, it is recommended that you use a squeegee to remove any excess water after each shower to prevent water droplets on the walls. Due to this process, just about any shape or size can be custom made to fit your needs. The dust is combined with liquid polyester resin to create the cultured marble vanity top.

Solid surface is so elegant and functional, it can be used in the kitchen, bath or anywhere else in the house. With a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes to choose from, you have the freedom to be both creative and practical. Cultured granite, the most exquisite of our products, comes in 20 different colors with course and fine grains available. Unlike real natural marble, it is a nonporous surface, meaning it is resistant to stains from hair dye, shampoos, and other beauty products that are commonly found in the bathroom. You can restore the shine of a cultured marble vanity top using a gel gloss or counter top magic product one time per year.

Countertops create the tone and act a point of reference for the kitchen decor. The surface can be rebuffed with a gel compound that recoats the vanity top.

Give your projects the luxury they deserve, cultured marble vanity tops. A wide selection of styles and colors are available make the combinations almost limitless.

To help keep your cultured marble vanity top in tip-top shape, you should consider polishing it, particularly when they have become smudged or scratched. Please talk to one of our knowledgeable staff for more information and cultured marble color swatches. We offer many different bowl styles that can be integrated into your new vanity top.

Quality and outstanding cusomer service with your cultured marble vanity tops. It is recommended that you use a spray bottle filled with water and a soft cloth to keep removing the polish.

The colors and veining of the finished product depend on the specific formulation and the techniques of the manufacturer.

Furthermore, if your cultured marble vanity top does obtain a scratch, chip, or blemish, it can usually be repaired fairly simply.

You can then buff with a soft cloth, focusing on the scratched or smudged areas, and then rinse off the polish. In addition, with little maintenance and routine care, your marble vanity top will look amazing, as it did the day it ws installed, for many years to come. Our products can have color variation from piece to piece and from the actual sample piece. Many of the cultured marble vanity tops that are available are super durable and can last for many years, maintaining their stunning beauty with little maintenance.

These products are perfect for shower surrounds, tub surrounds, tubs,vanity tops, window sills and other applications. All of these areas of cultured marble vanity tops will be discussed here, to help you make an informed decision. Our extensive selection allows you to pick any color combination that you desire. One of our affordable cultured marble vanity tops can raise the level of your end product.

Solid surfaces combine the elegant look of natural stone with greater resistance to staining and damage. Differences of shade or veining patterns can vary from sample to finished product. We offer a range of custom color options for cultured marble. We have a large variety of colors available in cultured marble as well as cultured granite.

The kitchen functions as the most popular room in most homes. Whether you choose a vanity top, tub, shower base or wall panels, feel confident knowing your product is built for lasting beauty and easy care using the highest quality material available. Any veining color can be used with any base; also any veining/base combination you see here can be reversed. Your cultured marble vanity tops are delivered in a timley fashion and to your exact specs. The gel-coat is especially formulated to as produce a tough, durable, non-porous and shiny surface, very stain resistant and easy to maintain. All the products have a gel-coat surface for ease of cleaning. We can include ceilings and door facings in totally enclosed applications. The final product is coated with a clear finish that can be either satin or high gloss, depending on your preference. Any marble color shown here either in veining or reverse is available as a solid color. This includes sinks with an integral vanity top, bathtubs, shower basins, backsplashes, and whirlpool tubs.

The cultured marble colors shown here (both veining and base colors) can be combined in any way.


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Today’s homeowner needs a kitchen that is as versatile as life requires. As you have discovered, there are many benefits to having cultured marble for your vanity top. These colors are available in all our cultured marble products including: marble tub surrounds, marble fireplace surrounds, marble kitchen countertops, marble...