I did extensive research and thought we had found a good product. Clearstone really is like insurance for your natural stone investment. It diminishes the depth of the stone and reduces itÂ’s tactile appeal. When these type of stones are polished they are more resistant to staining than when they are honed. Clearstone offer a full 10 year manufacturerÂ’s warranty against etching and staining. Wine, coffee, lipstick, and chocolate will wipe right off with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Im sorry you had so much trouble with your top i would like to see it can you post a photo.

Clear Stone Marble Sealer

CLEARSTONE ™ coating protects marble , limestone, sandstone, and other natural stone . Offered in Massachusetts by Boston Stone

No, the coating is a water clear and non-yellowing polyester composite that enhances the look of the stone. Only a small amount of the stoneÂ’s surface is removed, usually about 1/100 of an inch. It isnÂ’t for everyone for sure-this is a picture of a clearstone coated onyxtable top done in a mall.

Polished off all small water stains and then sealed with this liquid several times. It can be honed or polished but certainly has its pro’s and con’s. I had it applied to my small marble laundry room countertop. If you do use a coating, please report back about how it goes, how you like the end result and if it works! I put a marble tile countertop in and am only now, after the install, finding out about etching and would like to prevent it if it is possible. You can deep scratch it with a screwdriver, chip it, and scuff it and all of this can be quickly and cheaply fixed without having to remove it or replace it. Surface519 (my company) tested this stuff for a year before we decided to market it. Require a “certified technician” to apply and to repair = expensive.

They are always very prompt, very courteous, and very clean. Plus, you donÂ’t need to worry about bacteria seeping into natural stone counters and vanities. I recommend to our clients to hone the stone to a very deep matte finish. I work with clearstone-along with its pros and cons it has a place in the market. I donÂ’t understand how someone can market a product that prevents etching but scratches easily. You might as well get laminate as coat marble with plastic. The scratching makes them look like cheap plastic counters. My fabricator was considering dealing with it but doesnÂ’t do enough marble to justify.

ClearstoneÂ’s 10-year manufacturerÂ’s warranty against acid-etching and staining will also save you in annual stone restoration and sealing bills. Impregnating type stone sealers will help protect stone from staining for a limited time, but they will never protect stone from etching.

The quartzite surface will not just go dull without something acting on it. The whole intention of the product is to offer an impregnating treatment that does not change the look or feel of the surface but offers protection to enable the client sufficient time to wipe up spill from acidic products. To eliminate an etch mark in sealer residue, you must strip off the sealer from the entire surface. If you have a super-high use area like in a hotel with the budget to constantly maintain the surface it could make sense. Fortunately our stone did not stain or etch which was good news. Acidic well water can sometimes etch, but then so would all those other things you tested. Their water based sealer dried leaving whitish- bluish spots all over.

Most (as in nearly all) glass-ring etch marks are not from water. Also, if the stone needs repair for any reason, you’ll have to grind the coating away and re-apply, which may require a larger, more expensive repair job than would have been necessary without the coating. In general, it is best to do as little to stone as possible. It is just that it is a common thing for companies to over promise in our industry and lead people to think that miracle products do exist, just as you say. Clearstone is a coating that is around 2mm thick on the surface of the stone, it’s water clear and is finished to a matt through to a high gloss finish, hard to detect that any thing is on the surface at all. It could look dull from something on the surface, but once removed it would be shiny again. A ring-mark left by a “water” glass does not mean that water caused the etching. Especially since in most cases etching can be easily repaired to like new condition with a good marble polishing paste. I’ve heard their products can be very noxious smelling indoors. Coating can discolor or yellow, chip, crack, scuff or delaminate. It still looks like marble though, not one of the faux marbles. Water began seeping underneath the coating, and it looked, for lack of a better word, gross. It is also easily repolished should your client want to freshen up their benchtop.

My stone counter top has chipped edges, can these be fixed? The table was approximately fifteen feet long by four feet wide, was polished, and had numerous etch marks from glasses and bottles. If you still want the look, there are plenty of other surfaces that will give you the look without the headaches. Stay away from this product as it easily scratches and does not look good when it has scratches on it. Simply wipe up spills and messes with your favorite non-abrasive anti-bacterial cleaner and a soft cloth.

The installer can polish or hone the topical layer to the desired look. We are natural stone experts specializing in a unique process that effectively protects marble and other calcite based stone tops from acid etching damage. On polished marble it leaves a glossy coating on the surface with a tight bond. It can be restored by a trained restoration contractor but can etch again the next day. Marble and limestone are composed of calcite, which is highly sensitive to acid spills, such as food acids. The resulting finish will never etch or stain as long as the coating stays intact.

The clearcoat application makes the tops looks less stoney and more plastic like. If you place raw chicken or pork on your countertop, simply clean the surface with a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial cleaner, and your counter is free of germs and bacteria. Of course you donÂ’t let any spills sit on the surface for hours but 10-15 minutes of exposure will not harm my marble top anymore. I agree-get samples and test them-buy a product that is suited to your lifestyle. Also, where the product was replaced is a different color from the original product.

The generous 2mm coating means that spot repairs are undetectable and cuts and scratches buff right out.

The installer came out (to buff the tops) and the tops looked better, but after 2-3 months of use the scratching is coming back.

Unless you put a topical sealer/coating on the stone you will have etching. Let some orange juice set on your top for a minute and get back to us please. Yes, it can be cut or abraded but so can the coatings mentioned as well as stone. If a material contains calcite than every acidic substance will etch it.

However, if you are able to “remove” the dull spots left on the countertop after a water spill, then nothing has “reacted” with either the stone, a resin or sealer residue. Certainly you could always do a sample and see if you like the look. It is exceptionally scratch resistant and has the tactile feel of stone once it fully cures. This treatment is not a cure for etching to calcareous stone benchtops but a preventative treatment. For those who can’t deal with marble’s patina, truly, just don’t get marble. It is also hard enough for daily use, although it will not completely hardened for three months. Aldon’s sealer combo is a penetrating sealer that also leaves a layer on the surface and not completely below the surface like most/all other penetrating sealers. He believed it is the resin used at the quarry that is reacting to acids which is causing stone inherently non-etchable, to etch. I’m definitely waiting for the day when these coatings are good enough to prevent etching without the other problems. Water glasses left to sit, containing plain water (low mineral content, minimal ammonia/chlorine treatment in our area), leaves rings. I would like to know if you have had experience with these products or similar and if they work well. I agree that you probably know exactly what your products will do and how to best use them. There should not be sealer residue on the surface, but this can sometimes happen if a sealer was improperly applied (i.e. But kitchens surfaces are threatened by more than just acid etching solutions.

Scuffing and scratches can occur after time, however this can be very easily repaired, this has taken years to develop and is now starting to make it way round the world. Marble they have a polished and the food, wine, drink spills do not leave any marks even if not cleaned up for 30 hrs. The coating can be polished to either a honed or high gloss finish. Clearly, the best long-term solution for acid-etching caused by citrus fruits, coffee, soft drinks, and water.

Due to its porous nature, natural stone acid-etches and stains without protection. IÂ’d rather have etched real marble than something that looked “just not quite right”. I used a sealant that protects against stains but not etches. Once the coating was poured and applied and allowed to cure, it was refinished much like the stone to a high polish. IÂ’m wondering if itÂ’s really what it claims to be (15 yr guarantee against staining and etching) and if itÂ’s safe.

Clearstone will not change the color or beauty of natural stone and provides the perfect finish from honed right through to high gloss.

Yes clearstone is a credible coating for calcite based stones such as marble,limestone,travertine etc. Clearstone will keep your natural stone surfaces looking beautiful, while protecting your natural stone surfaces. I tested this on concrete/recycled glass slabs/ marble/ granite and most solid surfaces. I highly recommend using a respirator if you do use this product and also expect your house to be filled with fumes for 2-3 days. It is not yet available for application to floors or walls and can only be installed by trained applicators. The same product is very popular for high-end decorative concrete counters and floors.

However, some city water supplies are acidic enough from treatment to etch marble, but really pretty rare. If water is left on the countertop surface, it dulls in those areas. It has been installed in hotels and restaurants where appearance matters. IÂ’ve used topical coatings from different makers and industries outside of the stone business. There are plenty of materials to chose from-just be an educated consumer.

Most coatings look and feel like plastic,will require maintenance and in many cases just simply fail. Etching corrodes the surface, destroying the polished layer leaving a dull spot or area. Fixing an acid-etch will not prevent it from happening again. The spot you thought was etching from water was most likely due to mineral deposits or something else on the surface or possibly a light stain. You canÂ’t restore etching with baking soda, but you can remove stains, etc. Also, most topical coatings will change the look of the stone. I do see how this product would make sense for large commercial areas though. We are saying that it will assist in delaying etching for sufficient time that the acid has either been wiped up or has evaporated. It is also used on marble top patio tables with full sun exposure because it works so well. It can be applied to many types of natural stone including marble, limestone, travertine and sandstone.

Clearstone™ Natural Stone Coating Protectant Massachusetts Provider

The Ultimate in Stone Protection.

Not an inexpensive process but likely cheaper than countertop replacement. If you want something bulletproof you really need to do the research and get either a super tough natural or man-made product. In this case it quite natural looking-check out the edge work. The installer has no idea why and think it may blend in time, but the original application has a yellow tint and the new application is more clear.

Yes clear stone is available on most of stone and marble stores.

Doc Titlelist Hoovers

ItÂ’s just that repair of the coating and stone is supposed to be covered under warranty. Kinloch makes a type of sealer that is green, but the etching treatment is not green. If you leave any food type acid on a marble bench top for long enough it will eventually breakdown most topical type sealers. These types of coatings can be beneficial in certain limited situations like commercial installations where a marble cleaning and maintenance team is constantly caring for the surface. Or if you buy a house with marble kitchen countertops already installed, then maybe you consider a coating. WasnÂ’t meant to insult you or your products, just to make the homeowner investigate more. I have never been big on coatings as a stone refinisher we always like to attain natural polishes and matte finishes. I hate the look of patina, yes itÂ’s wear and tear but to me it looks dirty and sloppy.

The surface of the stone becomes uneven, less glossy and discolored. Protect your matte or polished marble from wine, lemon, acids – even permanent marker!

Stone sealers are not guaranteed to be stain proof, they are said to be stain resistant. IÂ’m having a hard time researching this product because itÂ’s so new and the only info that comes up is from the manufactures website. Clearstone comes with a 10 year stain and etch proof warranty. I began covering up the areas with towels- a constant reminder of the expensive mistake! As long as calcium is exposed anything acidic will etch the surface.

This works well with lighter stones but with darker stones the etches can impact the darker color and the etches still show.

Buying a natural stone material and then stop it from what it does naturally usually never works out that well.

He agreed to fix the damage and reached out to the company to cover the cost, which they did.

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I did extensive research and thought we had found a good product. Clearstone really is like insurance for your natural stone investment. It diminishes the depth of the stone and reduces itÂ’s tactile appeal. When these type of stones are polished they are more resistant to staining than when...