But if you stain the grout, well you can always just scrape out the stained grout and re-grout the area.

Granite countertops should generally be cleaned with either a mixture of water and liquid dish detergent or a granite soap, however, occasionally, you can use diuted bleach to clean or disinfect a sealed granite countertop.

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This product could potentially etch a granite countertop, if left on the surface long enough.

Bleach, ammonia, vinegar and most common brand-name cleaning products will do this.

Cleaning Marble Tiles With Bleach

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I’m new to marble (only a few months), but no way is bleach getting near it! It took out the red wine stains and the worcestershire sauce out. I have also found that the solvent base sealers, although they may enhance the stone, are much more effective than the water based sealers. And although the deeper the better the coverage and performance, but even if only penetrates slightly into the grout the sealer should still perform to some degree. Mold can only grow if your surface is covered in some kind of moisture, so eliminate the moisture using heat. I have been using it on my granite about once every 10 days for a couple years and haven’t had a problem, but someone just posted that you’re not supposed to. Since it seemed to do no harm, we’ve just kept using it for marker stains and all the other inevitable stains and etches that occur if you actually use marble. One way to find out if clorox will work on your marble–try it out on a sample chunk of your stone. We can quickly get into trouble with granite and marble maintenance when applying very loose, general guidelines to specific slabs. If you have any scraps from your countertop, you could test on them. When cleaning mold from marble tiles, though, you have to use caution because marble is a very sensitive natural stone.

You for sure are leading the way when it comes to granite, in my opinion!

Bleach is the most effective, but peroxide and ammonia are safe and natural. The sealer is not able to penetrate all the way or deep enough into the grout. Granite countertops can either be made from granite slabs or granite tile pieces. TheyÂ’ve been using the stone for centuries and are probably have pretty good judgement on what and what not to do!

Sealed stone can still stain if substance is left on the surface long enough. This spray is gentle enough to use in the kitchen as needed to sanitize and disinfect granite countertops, and is safe to use around children and pets. Do not mix any of these ingredients under any circumstances, but choose only one, if the neutral cleaner fails to do the job. They are careful and mix in plenty of water and rinse forever, but the marble always looks beautiful! If you do ever stain the grout you can likely easliy poultice it out or at worst replace it.

However, you should rinse immediately after use on plastic or vinyl.

Mold can even grow on dirty marble tiles, since dirt is an organic material and provides food for the spores. Scrub your marble tiles using a neutral cleaner and a dust mop for floors and a soft cloth for other marble surfaces.

Sealer on granite countertops prevent stains from penetrating the stone, and keep it looking polished and shiny. Since granite is a rock and naturally porous, do not use bleach on unsealed granite countertops. Apply the liquid solution to your tile surface using a clean dust mop or soft cloth and scrub the entire surface. Also, my black granite counters look very dull and have a small spot that needs repair from a bottle of grout cleaner that left a ring around its edge.

So a white marble will be much more porous than a black granite. Usually when people speak of “rings” it’s etching, but could be a stain or a stain and etch mark on the exact same spot. While vinegar is often useful for killing mold, the acetic acid can weaken or dissolve the natural stone. I mix 1/4 cup of bleach with water in a quart spray bottle and use it on my honed marble shower floor and its been fine.

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If your whole floor is etched, then you may need to hire a marble maintenance professional to re-surface your floor. If it is granite, youÂ’ll need to hire a stone restoration professional to repair and re-polish the etched area. Yes, using bleach for cleaning marble (or any stone really) is not good.

Use a toothbrush or miniature scrubbing brush with the cleanser to reach between the grout lines. It can be used sparingly in certain situations in a very very dilute solution, but more often than not people get the mix wrong and etch their marble. Do not use towels to dry the marble, as they will prove ineffective and may even spread the mold around. I didnÂ’t have that at the time, so donÂ’t know how well that works on stains. Cbusmomof3, was your granite a type that had a warranty for something like a 15 year or lifetime sealer? These cleaners safely remove the dirt from your marble; without dirt, the mold has no nutrient source.

However, etching is much more common on marble, so itÂ’s important to be sure you do indeed have a granite countertop and not marble. Use a toothbrush or miniature scrubbing brush to get between grout lines. Well you may not be getting great penetration since the surface area of the 1/16 inch grout line is so small. As far as porous materials go; it is my understanding that the lighter the color of the stone, the more porous it is. I left a bottle of lime away on my counter after cleaning my shower and now there is what looks like a bleached out spot that is white. Etching is corrosion that eats away at the marble, which will cause dull and light colored spots.

He also said that he just uses a little dish soap and water himself, and it works wonderfully. I’d perform a timed, water or solvent test on the grout to see how long it takes to absorb. My only theory on the grout not sealing properly; is that perhaps since the tile is ½ in.

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But if you stain the grout, well you can always just scrape out the stained grout and re-grout the area. Granite countertops should generally be cleaned with either a mixture of water and liquid dish detergent or a granite soap, however, occasionally, you can use diuted bleach to clean or...