This will allow you to tile right over the old tile…but now you will have exposed edges and thickness…this is where oil-based paint comes in for touch up…..after finishing your tile….choose the dominate color in the tile….and touch the edges up with oil-based paint which will adhere to tile and grout. Painting my fireplace has made such a huge difference to my living room! The trick is to get a great base color and let it dry completely and then layer on detail either with a brush, painting pad or artist brushes. This is a ‘pic’ from when we moved into the house…. I love how the the tile looks with the gray paint and the metal doors on the built ins. I noticed in list of what you bought you only bought the flat stones and the corner stones but no natural. We updated the mantel by painting it a dark brown from the original oak finish. The medley of rich wood tones and a classic stone finish accomplishes just that. Start by making sure all the tiles are solidly bonded to the floor. I just pinned it to my fireplace decor ideas pinterest board.

How To Install A Marble Herringbone Fireplace Surround And

Make sure your backer board is rated for exterior use, and is free of all factory dust. I wasn’t aware marble was now considered “precious”…. I’m looking for a larger herringbone tile because our fireplace is floor to ceiling, tall ceiling. I made up a mixture of 2 cups of warm water and 1 drop of dish detergent in a small plastic container and wiped down the tile with a cotton cloth and the soap mixture. It is an act of barbarism to even consider the idea of tiling over a beautiful marble fire place. Also, if the thinset comes up between the tiles you can just use a toothpick to clean it out. Thanks for taking the time to give step by step directions. I’d try these steps in a test spot first to see if the paint will adhere, before doing all of the tile.

Can I Tile Over Marble Fireplace Sarah, the woman behind the blog “Thrifty Decor Chick “, shares why she loved installing Allure

I drew black lines on the photo below to show you where they should be cut. I saw where you painted your hearth to look as you wanted it to. Do you have the exact paint color you used for the fireplace? Perhaps what you could do is paint a spare piece of tile you may have lying around with the white base coat then paint your color on top and see how it works. Or did you mean you bought the natural plus the corner plus the flat?

Being that it is marble, a “precious” rock, you may want to remove carefully and bag it up for possible later use in a wall or a tumbled shower pan. I recently moved into a new house and need to update two fireplaces! You should then be able to scrub the adhesive off using more water and a soft toothbrush. To start off, make sure the area/surface you are working is completely clean. When using a dry power saw, wear an approved dust mask and be sure that the back of the stone is free of dust before adhering to the wall. I added a piece of dollar store foam board cut a little larger than the firebox opening. Bottom line though – very few of my cuts were perfect. Whichever method you use, always comb the adhesive in one direction (no swirls). It lists the best supplies you need for your paint job and keeps you on track as you check each step off as you go – so you save time, get the best paint adhesion and blitz through the painting process! Layout your tile pattern to make sure it will work how you want it. Then you might also want to give the tiles you want to paint a slight sanding with a fine 180-220 grit sandpaper to remove the gloss off the surface.

Dip the trowel into the thinset mixture, and scoop out a trowel-full. You can alter the appearance of a marble fireplace surround by applying tile over the existing marble stone. If you are installing new marble, seal it well before you grout it. We needed some tiling supplies, and for a smaller hardware store, this was a good selection. The surround can be cut into one large slab that has no seams when installed. Remove the mantel if possible or mask off its edges with painter’s tape where it meets the surround. It was a smidge tedious to lay it all out, but it was great because we could begin to see how they’d come together and even do things like space out the veining (so there was a nice mix of both instead of all of the dark veining ending up on one side of the hearth and all the lighter tiles on the other side). There stone a lot of beautiful details in this place marble mantel.

There is nothing green in this house and there was nothing green before we moved in. There are several ways you can update or redo a marble fireplace, depending on how much money, time and effort you want to put into the project. I’ve mentioned before that mosaic tiles come either with mesh on the back that you leave on the tile when you place it, or with paper on the front, that is removed once the tile is placed. Does a separate room for the toilet in the master stone make sense? We got a slate grey color and want to refresh our fireplace that oddly had the same color as yours. Run a dry shop vacuum to remove all sanding dust from the marble fireplace and surrounding areas. Refer to the directions located on the thinset bag for the water mixing ratio. Smooth the grout lines by dipping a finger in water and running it along the tile joints. You could certainly do that though, if you’d feel better about having a roughed-up surface. The surround and base also required new drywall before the new tile could be applied. I also really love how my mantel decor absolutely pops now with the entire fireplace painted out in white. If you get adhesive on a stone – use a wet rag and warm water to clean it off. I let the trash bag come out to the floor so it caught most of the grout that fell in that area – it made for quick clean up too. There are also wide stones in each box so that you can create a realistic stone facade. Tearing out the old tile destroyed the drywall so it needed to be replaced. This assumes that the floor underneath is solid (concrete) and that there are no cracks in the existing tile (indicating underlying problems in the concrete). The natural have a finished edge when viewed from the side. It comes on a 12 by 12 sheet but the individual tiles are that size. We are going to use bull nosed corner tiles around the fireplace opening, and the mantels legs will cover the cut edges of the tiles around the outside. They would not remove it for anything so we went over it and so far so good. And second, how did you get the screen off the fireplace to repaint the gold? One way to redo a marble fireplace is to replace the existing marble with new marble slabs. Usually stone tile gets two coats of sealer (unless it’s pre-sealed), one before grout, so the excess grout will release from it, and one after grout. Clean the marble of any soot and run a belt sander over it to roughen the surface, particularly if the original marble is polished. Ahhh, that would be awesome if we didn’t have compete-y granite for the sink top. From any level other than kneeling down eye-level with the fireplace, you won’t eve see it. I’m imagining the marble against a cherry or other red(ish) wood finish would be very cool. My fireplace is tile with no mantle, and no room for one due to a cutout for a tv. It was generally in good shape, except for the eighties-throwback green marble. Change or update the look of a room by remodeling your fireplace surround. One fire is close make it with a travertine like cast stone. Before you paint, you might want to check to see how hot your tiles get with a wood fire. If you want a more finished look, investigate cove and molding tiles (trim) to finish off the edges and also add some eyeliner to the finished tile job. It does not feel like foam or cheap versions of stone facades. Once the tiles are cut to size, it’s time to put on the adhesive. I wanted to have easy access to it but if you have your walls opened up it could go almost anywhere! Then sand all the tiles with a belt or orbital sander (80-grit) to scratch any surface glazes. Make sure it is a snug fit and even bows a bit so it holds up the stones while they dry. Each tone is wrapped in a different color of plastic (there are always 12 packs of stone to a carton). Also- if you run 3m painters tape along the tile’s cut line, it will be easier to get a strait cut and the tile will not chip. I want to put up a glass tile backsplash but am terrified about not being able to figure out the cutting!

How is it holding up to cleaning…especially the floor section? I’m not sure if that would work, but perhaps it’s worth a try! I had been completely stumped on how to handle the tiles, when i stumbled upon your tutorial! There wasn’t a good spot for it to go anywhere else with the built ins next to the fireplace. I have been intimidated but now will say bye bye 1980’s builder boring fireplace! Don’t know if i would do it in a shower but i would definitely see if an additive is available to mix in with your thin set as well as using a super flex thin set. Then you can see if it is difficult to remove or not and go from there. I applied one coat of walnut stain to the birch wood to give the mantel a balanced look with the floor. Tiling isn’t a simple task and you’ve done a gorgeous job! I’m so glad you like my fireplace makeover and good luck with your’s! Wash the tile before painting to remove any dirt or grease. Clean it thoroughly 3-4 times but don’t use anything acidic (industrial type marble cleaners) as this can be dangerous in the hands of a novice and the thinset layer might not stick too well. Then it was time to grout – which is usually my least favorite part. I would buy a small amount of mastic glue for ceramics and apply a bit in a corner and leave it there for a couple of days. It also applied and covered really beautifully and is a nice fresh white. I am scared it will not turn out nice, but yours looks gorgeous. When the paint has completely dried remove the painter’s tape. I am doing the same project but was told paint would not show any of the wood grain. Once all the joints are filled with enough grout, start to wipe it away with a damp sponge (wring dripless) to remove grout residue. It isn’t high-end, big, or trendy – just a house that has all the components to fit with my personal style. You can also get little nippers that will cut smaller pieces like this easily. If you are retiling a space that is a vertical surface or doesn’t get alot of foot traffic, why not tile right over the existing!

This will ensure that all of the surround will be covered when you install the tiles. We bought the house with the horrible black tile and white grout. The surround on this fireplace has one vertical crack on the top portion of the marble surround. I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason the transformation from un-grouted tile to grouted tile is super satisfying to me. If you’re concerned, you could always paint the columns in a matching high-gloss paint and it would work. Using the flat edge of the trowel, apply a horizontal band of thinset across the center-line above the support ledge. The slabs can be made out of any marble, which can be viewed and selected at a stone yard. Any color can be chic in any room, it just depends on the shade selected and how it is applied with the big picture in mind. It looks like some gold-y and grey tones on a creamy white background… is that right? I’m not sure, it definitely felt sealed but the grout went on well, and then we sealed it again (using sealer meant for marble and stone) which seemed to work too! Even my hubby remarked at how great it looked…you can’t tell those tiles were painted!

Tiling a fireplace surround is an elegant upgrade well worth the effort. Press the first tile into place on the layer of thinset, and give it a wiggle to bond it to the thinset. But regardless of which tile you use, you’ll save a lot of time by making a cardboard template of your surround so that you can lay out a pattern on the floor, space the tiles appropriately, and choose a starting position before committing everything to the fireplace itself. The other thing you could do perhaps is to paint a spare piece of tile you might have lying around and sort of test it to see how it holds up after a couple of weeks. I am going to do paint my fireplace this weekend but would like an update if possible. Sometime, somewhere, someone realized this was a bad idea and tried to fix it by applying fake board and white trim to the mantel. Depending on what the original tiles were installed on, you may be able to install the new ones immediately. Install new marble or use another type of tile to completely change the look. But, you should let it cure for a day or so before you light up the gas fireplace just to make sure there are no fumes hanging around. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. The way our fireplace looked when we first moved in…and the way it stayed until about a week ago. So we haven’t had a lot of time to help her with all of those first-time-homeowner things, like moving in furniture and painting every wall in the house. My gas fireplace does not heat the tiles very much at all, so it wasn’t a factor. Sometime, somewhere, someone thought a fireplace should be tiled in black faux marble with white grout. And when you say enamel paint… is that regular paint for your walls? Marlene, sure styles change over time but mosaic tile fireplaces are quite classic (you really think someone will be racking their brain trying to uncover green marble?). Use a paintbrush to apply a around layer of grout sealer around directed by manufacturer.

The nice thing about adhering the cement board right over the old hearth instead of demoing it out first was that because we added the cork floor right over our previous linoleum one (due to not wanting to disturb an asbestos liner underneath) we still had room to add cement board and tile without it bumping up and being oddly raised (in fact it brought it back to being aligned). It made it easier to see the spacing as the tiles went in, and clean up any adhesive that smooshed out in the placement… but that mesh is a pain to remove so that it isn’t visible on the corners (of which there were a lot) or to make spacing adjustments. The crack could be a crack that happened long ago and is no longer moving. Oh, and that white strip of brick inside the fireplace is eventually going to get painted the same dark charcoal color as the rest of the firebox, so just ignore it for now – and of course we have trim pieces for the floor around the hearth so it’ll be seamless and smooth in the end). Lay a piece of plastic sheeting on the floor surrounding the marble work area. The slight texture of the tile took care of most of the brush strokes. Using a finishing trowel, spread an even layer of thinset over the bricks to cover them and fill the grout lines. Need a quick easy fix for ugly white builder tile with tan grout and ugly wood mantle. So, even if the kiddos scratch it, it’s easy to repair. Start with a small amount of mixed thinset, only enough that you can use within one hour. Continue placing tiles on either side of the center, alternating left and right.

This is what the fireplace looked like when we bought this house. I also really love how you propped up framed colorful art on the fireplace! So here’s where the problems with sanded grout come in with this tile – first of all because the tile is so soft the sand kind of wears down the sides of the tile a bit. Plus mold could build up behind the stone, which isn’t a problem when it’s outside. Use a sponge that is specific for tile ~ one side is a typical sponge and the other side has a rough, abrasive surface. A small spot like a fireplace surround is a great place to start! The paint looks grear but im just curious to know why did you not put the faux stone on top of the hearth? We even have occasional glass tiles to paint over…wonder if it will work! I did it this week – it took about 3 hours from start to finish. I did something similar and my fireplace doors are exactly the same. Did you use a wetsaw to cut the tile or could you use the score and snap cutter? We use our wood burning fireplace a lot and wondered if you thoght the paint would peel or scratch if were putting wood down on the painted tile? I’m curious did you paint the grout too or leave that alone? He choose this paint because the tiles get warm from the heat of the fireplace.

How did you do yours without showing the unfinished tile edges? I have hardwood floors so the edge of the tiles might show. I usually use household paint brushes for these types of interior paint projects but the flat artist brushes were the perfect size and shape for applying the tile paint! Clean the surface that you will be applying the stones to and let dry.

Pop Designs On Roof Without Ceiling In Hd Joy Studio

But before you go at the bricks with a paint roller and some white semigloss, consider the more elegant cover-up of art tiles. Position the first tile at the centerline, with its bottom edge resting on the support ledge. As long as your joints look even, it’s more important that you avoid a large grout line at the last tile than worry about sticking to the exact measurement of the spacer. I have a nice victorian fireplace, but it sports the most hideous gray black speckly tiles. Why have we isolated only certain colors for certain rooms? Then you can see if you need to adjust the tiles to avoid cutting any slivers at the ends. Did you have to use a belt sander to roughen the marble before you applied the new tile? Start with a small amount of stone thinset, only enough that you can use within one hour. Level the new tiles and allow the mortar to dry for 24 hours. I’d guess that it took us a good four hours to get the bottom portion done (although it was broken up by lunch plans with an old coworker, so it still ate up a good portion of day 1). On the legs of your surround, plan to use full tiles in the field and leave any cuts at the bottom.

The tile reminds me of your capiz collection of frames…which makes me think it would be awesome if you could tile out that sink nook in your master bathroom in a similar way. Lay a piece of plastic sheeting on the floor surrounding the fireplace work area. Sand the entire surface of the marble with 30-grit sandpaper, working in circular motions. Spread a 1/4-inch thick layer of thinset over the marble, starting in the center of the fireplace surround and below the line you set as your level point. Well, okay, a little bit that’s what it meant… but the tile was looking so good that everyone decided to pitch in to get the wall behind the fireplace painted. Pour tile thinset into a large bucket and mix it with water. At the bottom of the legs, you’ll have to estimate the size of the last cut tile and rip a piece of wood for a level starting point that keeps the joints lined up from leg to leg. Run a place shop vacuum to remove all sanding fireplace from the marble marble and surrounding areas. Use a high-quality sealer for concrete, masonry or natural porous stone (apply to a test piece 48 hours prior to application to make sure the effect is what you want. Remove any moldy or loose grout with a rotary tool or carbide scraper. Now you can enjoy your newly painted room as quickly as possible! Depending on the paint color and the depth of the wood grain, it definitely might show throw.

The paint finish should be gloss or even high gloss…..depending on the finish that you are trying to fake-out. Keep the edges as neat as possible and they can be sanded after drying if needed. This looks so beautiful : ) thank you so much for sharing with us! Is it possible to tile over a vertical smooth marble surface? Going over an existing covering throws all the levels out of whack, end results often look out of sorts. You have done an excellent work in passing out the message through this blog, keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the big open space turns out! This can also be done using a finished end piece paired with its matching primary stone mate. When you marble over marble on a over, you must first fire the surface of the marble so that the tile thinset will have a good marble surface. They had about 10 different colors of pre-mixed grout to choose from, and we found one that went with the tile. Memphis fireplace with overmantel can be made from natural stones such as white marble, close, limestone, sandstone and fire. Allow the base coat to dry, then paint in veins to give the fireplace a new “marble” appearance. It’s a little hard to tell from the photos; what is the predominant color in the tiles? In short, everything you need to vanquish an ugly green marble fireplace. Use the wheel to widen the crack enough so that you can get thinset packed into it while you are applying thinset to the rest of the stone. Once we had a few of our initial pieces cut, we mixed up some thinset (still leftover from penny tiling – woot!) and started slapping down some tile. I ended up only needing to “nip” two tiles in half for the entire fireplace but it did require finessing the spacing between tiles a bit to make everything line up correctly. Oh and we sealed all of the tile/grout after the grout-drying waiting period on the bottle (we had some leftover from the backsplash). I can’t wait to do something similar to my own fireplace! Alternatively, use a faux-marbling technique by rolling on two colors.

There is not that much material involved so it won’t cost that much to re-place . Marble size of this cast stone fireplace can be made custom to stone particular firebox or stone. Using a level, draw a plumb line at the mark that extends from the firebox to the top of the surround. Tile over marble fireplaces to change or update the look of the room. The natural edge stones are to use to place when you will see the raw edge of the stone. If substrate is painted, the paint must be in good condition (peeling, chipping paint will need to be scraped/sanded and cleaned). There were decorative faux-appliques on the flat surface that we also removed to create a more transitional look.

The tiles look awesome and shiny, i’m so happy with the result! Can you use this same technique for my beige kitchen backsplash? On my fireplace, you really don’t see the grain too much because the color is so dark. Rinse the piece with clean water after cutting, and dry it face down. The depth of the stone averages about 3/4” (the stone molds are cast from real stone, so the depth can vary anywhere from 1/2” to 1-1/4”, even on the same piece). I stacked stones to see how the mix of size and color variation would look before applying them. Remove the stones from the boxes so they can acclimate to the air temperature as well as allow you to see the variety of shades in each box. We have a shiny tile surface, do you think this trick would work for that? Feel free to experiment if you wish, but we cannot recommend one particular brand of stain or paint over another. Vacuum the tiles and clean with detergent and water to remove dirt, sealers and wax. Wouldn’t have thought that and herringbone marble would work together, but it’s turned out lovely. A good way to get a visual representation of the ratio is to open some or all the boxes, take out the contents and sort them into piles according to the color of the plastic wrap. I wish you had said more about cutting the small pieces, was it really easy? So usually if your grout lines are more than 1/8 inch you’ll want to use sanded grout. I want to tile our brick fireplace with herringbone pattern. I realized very quickly that it was going to be next to impossible to get perfectly perfect cuts on every one.

You can lay new ceramic tile over old tile if you use the preparation methods we show you here. We just used that on our tub…very interested to know what it is exactly b/c we have a super similar surround, although ours is stone…would love to look into it!! Follow the manufacturer’s directions and reapply as instructed. I’m wondering if tiles on floor get marked up when people walk on them? We have a bathroom in our basement that is ‘fine’ but this may help improve the look of the boring beige tile on the floor. I liked the satin look because it wasn’t so shockingly glossy. My thoughts are that a certain widow will have some interesting dating experiences. If you’re tiling over bricks or any other uneven surface, you will need to create a smooth base for your tiles.

Nope, we just put the mastic right on the marble and it held fine! It’s just got a very glossy finish, and it’s more expensive because it’s more durable. Look for one that’s for painting furniture as they tend to have finer bristles. Oh yeah, and it was around this point that we realized we probably should clear off everything sitting on the fireplace mantel so that all of our drilling didn’t send anything down on our heads. Apply a cement-based mortar to both the existing marble tiles and to the backs of the new tiles. So here’s the fireplace all set and ready for actual tile. Nail metal lath to brick with masonry nails and hammer, keeping clear of edges. Fill the grout bag three-fourths of the way full with the mixed grout. Gluing on little glass tiles that will be out of style long before that marble will be, would not be my first choice. But it was pretty straightforward (it was one of those just-keep-going tasks that didn’t involve much problem solving once we got the hang of it). Break off a section of the old marble, using a hammer and chisel, then pry off the rest with a pry bar inserted beneath the edges of each tile. Another tip- screw a board below the horizontal tiles to tile on and get a straight line. That marble is worth at least £400 so you may want to sell it and then start from scratch – not answering your question but providing an alternative! You do not want the edges of the stones to line up – cut them with a hack saw if necessary to vary where the edges fall. You can lay new ceramic tile right over the old, using the prep techniques we show here. You’re exactly right – it makes my whole living room seem bigger and brighter!

The marble is about an inch thick so where the inner edge is and the edge meeting the floor would show. Complete adhesive coverage is critical on large tiles (12 in. I borrowed a tile saw from the guys that do work on our house occasionally (they’ve let me borrow it a couple times and it’s a big money saver). What a great product…no need to bother with mixing the grout powder and water. Is there anything that you guys would recommend to avoid demo’ing the marble?

Just smoosh (lots of smooshing) it in there as much as you can, making sure to get the edges. Your pictures look like you still see some wood grain so please let me know how you were able to acheive it with paint type and what prepwork did you do. For a wall installation start at the ground level and work horizontally. When you’re done you just “butter” the back of that individual piece with the thinset and then stick it on.

Do you know if they let you had color to the type of tile paint you used? I was thinking he beige doesn’t match and this looks great! I’d ask your local hardware store if that might work. Use the notched end of the trowel to groove the thinset layer. This will give the marble surface an etched texture so that the stone thinset will adhere properly. But if it does work, you’ve saved yourself a bunch of time and money. Whenever you tile a vertical surface, you have to start from the bottom row and work your way up. They are real tiles, just not stone, and they turned out beautifully! These were the “mesh on the back” kind of tiles. When you tile over marble on a fireplace, you must first rough the surface of the marble so that the tile thinset will have a good bonding surface. I imagine you used a brush for the grout lines but did you also use a brush on the tiles? Admittedly it still looks crazy without a built out mantel around it, but that’s next on the agenda. Start by laying a row of tiles on the template where the top of the firebox would be, beginning with the center tile and working outward from there. Alternatively, you may need to hang new cement backerboard before installing the new tiles. Gluing on little glass tiles that will fire out of style long before that marble will be, would not be my place choice. This will give the marble surface an etched texture so that the tile thinset will adhere properly. It just needed the white painted wood replaced with natural cherry and some brass accents added to the black fireplace. Although we cannot list every possible surface, as a general rule the substrate must be completely rigid so that it will not expand, contract, flex or bow over time due to environment or humidity. As you install, be aware of the ratio and try keep it about the same throughout the project. I’m really pleased with how the brown tones in the marble pick up on the dark stain on the mantel and the floors. Using the exterior adhesive was much harder to use then the interior, but worked just fine.

Just a little tile can make a huge statement as you have shown! It has held up just fine with frequent used of the fireplace. Others prefer to use a larger notched trowel (1/2 x 1/2 in.) to apply the thin-set. I will be using in it again in my next house if it doesn’t have a stone fireplace. I use to be intimidated by it too but watched/ helped a friend with hers and since have tilled in my kitchen and a bathroom. My fireplace has a hearth made out of brick and would like to cover the top with the faux stone.

Not horrible with its basic ceramic tile and a plain mantel that matched the light beige walls, but not very exciting either. If you lay new tile on top of the existing it will be slightly higher than the wood, so my suggestion would be to use a threshold at the transition (similar to a door) or remove the existing hearth to lay the new floor. One carton contains 6 linear feet of edging and 7.5 square feet of coverage. I love the white against our gray wall color and the black fireplace insert! Since there is no such thing as a real stone inside corner, simply end the stone at the end of the first wall and then begin installing the second wall (so that the end of the stone on the second wall overlaps/butts up against the face of the stone on the first wall). I was drawn to these marble tiles because of their shape with their contemporary elongated rectangles. I placed all of the stones across the opening of the fireplace, then pushed them up since they did slip down a bit. If your old ceramic tile is worn or dated, you can lay new tile right over the old, and avoid the huge job of tearing out the old tile. The surface has to be cleaned really well as to remove any oils, cleaners or polishes that may have been applied over the years. My latest project has been re-tiling the surround of the fireplace. Then press the stone firmly onto the wall allowing adhesive to compress.

Yes, but what about the raw tile edges of the new tiles, what will you do with those? Then set the tile on the floor and slide it perpendicular to the combed thin-set to knock down the rows and spread the adhesive. I love the dramatic change in your fireplace,and it looks very expensive, even though it wasn’t! I think you know, from your question, that green marble is detail that puts your fireplace squarely in 1980!

Can You Tile Over Marble Fireplace Surround?

Simply mark the angle with a pencil and cut the ends accordingly, so that the two pieces butt up to form a corner. Set the first tile in place, pressing it firmly into the mortar. We have used the fireplace in the new house a few times so far and there have been no problems. I thought that area was going to be a lot harder than it was. You’ll want to be able to wipe a backsplash down and marble will etch and soak up stains easily so sealing would be important. If you can apply a little pressure as it goes through it keeps the tiles from moving around as the saw cuts them.

Sounds as if it could be better than something with tiles stuck on. Mix tile grout in a large container according to given directions. Once we had the pattern started it was a pretty mindless process, it just took a long time because there were so many cuts involved in such a small space. The slabs can be made out of any marble, which can be around and selected at a stone yard. If your marble fireplace is tile and the original tile is in good which can be viewed and selected at a stone. The hammered line comes in both spray and paint-on products which makes it really handy for all kinds of jobs. I’ve spent the last decade tearing houses apart, putting them back together again, and writing about it on this website. Cut any tiles that need cutting to fit within the fireplace with a wet saw. I know green marble isn’t for everyone, but to me, a marble surround in large pieces like that is much more timeless and old-world classy than the current vogue of super-busy glass mosaic tiles. I have horrible pink tile on my fireplace that needs to go. I chose to leave a larger grout line at the top of the fireplace to accommodate for the fact that the whole thing was out of square. So we held it up both ways and liked the simpler pattern for the smaller area, just because we didn’t think it would look as chaotic.

These half-inch tiles were a perfect size because they fit right on the lip of the marble. I painted the trim with the same enamel paint for a cohesive look. Are you going to go paint some tile, or would you rather know how to make that wreath? Press more tile pieces into place within the remaining thinset, working your way out from the center and placing tile spacers around each tile until you have completely covered the marble. We made all of our cuts with our wet saw (one of my favorite tools) and it was fairly easy. Thank you and you did an awesome job, it’t beautiful now. Lastly, you need to know what type of look you are going for. We would like to cover the marble and hearth with ceramic tiles. Some installers prefer to “flatback” each tile with the flat edge of the trowel before applying the tile to the combed thin-set.

Thanks for your compliments – it really turned out so beautiful!! I just can’t stand the grey color and we are tired of the plywood look and looked for so look for a cheaper way to have a stone place! This part always freaks me out because it feels like the grout isn’t going to come off. Ours have some slight ridges in them that give them some more “natural look. I’m wondering if you apply a matte sealer/varnish type of application on top for an extra measure of protection if that would help?

So many fumes and overspray (although it was just dried dust by the time it hit anything). If the tile had been a lighter color, two coats would have been sufficient. So we’re here with every last detail, from prepping and tiling to grouting. So after we cleared things off the mantel and ripped off the old wood top while we were at it (demo-ing things fully before tiling is always smart) it was back to tile prep. I would not patch it anyway — just put new marble or stone on .

So cool how with a few simple tools and your imagination you guys can create great stuff! If the ledge and the top of the firebox are not even when the ledge is level, position the wood slightly below the opening on one side, rather than let it ride up on the other side. Wipe the excess grout off of the face of the tiles with a dampened sponge. If it doesn’t work, you can always rip them off then. The previous owners had attempted to hang something from the fireplace using double-sided sticky tape. It is hard enough getting a tiled floor to sit on a tiled floor. I want to cover up some fake gold trim on a fireplace and also on some sliding-door mirrors. But before we could start slapping tile everywhere (that’s a technical description, btw) we had to create a smooth surface on which to attach them. I’m thinking this would be nice to use with ardex and metallic paint on the kitchen backsplash to give a look of handmade tiles. The first fireplace was much more appealing to the person who appreciate the classic look of marble. I have looked at many how to paint tiles on the fireplace blogs found yours to be the formula that worked great for me. Using a drill/driver fitted with a mixing paddle, prepare a batch of thinset mixed with the latex additive, following the directions on the packaging. Ending up with a completely re-tiled hearth and fireplace surround (in white marble, no less) feels like such an upgrade for only around seven hours of work (total), and the budget wasn’t nearly as scary as “marble tile” sounds. We have the exact same time and we also were wondering how to change it without removing or damaging the mantel! Position the 1×3 just below the top edge of the firebox opening and check it for level.

Does the paint you use handle the painted tiles being heated? We have a fireplace that is tiled but we don’t want it all white.genaMarble Images
This will allow you to tile right over the old tile…but now you will have exposed edges and thickness…this is where oil-based paint comes in for touch up…..after finishing your tile….choose the dominate color in the tile….and touch the edges up with oil-based paint which will adhere to tile...