You can get black pearl granite in a polished finish, as well as a brushed finish, which will give your kitchen a professional look. Some other black stones are just that—black.

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The base mineral is a very rich, dark black, but the other minerals offer some variance in tone and color to make this black countertop really stand out from the crowd. When you look closely, you’ll notice metallic silvers, and possibly even some dark blues and greens along the black surface. The silver, while not the most dominant element, still manages to catch the light and your eye, creating a rather stunning effect over a large area. Darker colors bring out the darker qualities of the stone, and vice versa.Although you get the effect of variations in tone, this stone is notoriously even in mineral size and overall hue. The metallic qualities in the minerals really stand out when there are changes in lighting. The black countertop will provide a nice complement to any stainless steel appliances you may have, as well. The light will reflect off of the flecks of silver minerals, changing the appearance slightly. It is scratch and stain-resistant and will keep your kitchen looking beautiful for a long time. Maybe it is that black is the lack of all colors of light, but black granite can bring feelings such as powerful, practical and glamorous.

Black Pearl Granite is the is the best Choice for the Counter tops in kitchen and other places.It has very shiny appearance with …

It is perfect for your use whether you plan on using it in commercial or residential conditions.

It is best to use it on the interiors and can be featured as your countertop centerpiece or an eye popping backsplash. They silver mica has been said to look like stars flickering in the mysterious black sky. Dark, black granite has always been a favorite among homeowners and builders.

It is also generally very consistent when coming to color matching of other slabs.

Featuring rich dark accents and deep tones.

It is an excellent granite color to accent any residential kitchen or office. Being the natural, hardworking and durable surface that granite it is, it makes an ideal investment in your home or office. We are constantly updating our large inventory of granite slabs in all styles and colors.

We make it our goal to have each customer be able to pick out the perfect stone to match their project on any given day. To learn more we invite you to visit one of our showrooms where our professional staff can assist you and give you the unique experience with your granite or natural stone needs.

This durable granite is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use and available in a variety of finishes.

From afar this granite looks black or dark grey in color. Its overall appearance is reasonably uniform and no large patterns or mineral deposits are really visible. You are able to see that there is some intricate pattering – but you will not be able to make out the details.

When you get closer to the stone you are able to see the stunning combination of minerals that are present. Look how awesome this black pearl splashback looks! The bedrock of this stone is a deep dark black in color. It does not make up much of the stones overall surface area as it is hidden by the large quantities of minerals that are present. On average you can expect anywhere between 10% and 30% of the granites surface area to be visible bedrock. A stunning grey mineral makes up the bulk of this stones mass.

It’s reasonably uniform in its color and can range from a medium grey, to a slightly dark grey – however it can often have a slightly blue tinge to it. However they literally cover the granites surface and make up around 60% to 80% of the stone surface area. These stunning little patches are usually around the same size as the grey minerals above.

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However they are no where near as frequent and only make up around 5% of the stones overall surface area. These silver pearl minerals look absolutely stunning when they catch the light and will create a very expensive and exotic feel to your countertops.

These minerals are the reason for this stones alternative name, silver pearl granite. Black pearl granite is a tough and durable stone and is not known to stain or scratch easily. Because it is a dark stone however it will show up dirt and fingerprints very easily. So be prepared to do a little more cleaning than usual. Black pearl granite can look a little different in rooms that have different lighting conditions.

While the stone will look black overall in any room – in rooms with lots of natural light the silver and grey minerals will be a little more noticeable than usual. The metallic silver pearl sections of the stone will obviously be given more light to reflect, and will therefore be much more noticeable. In darker rooms the stone will take on a much deeper tone than usual. The light grey / silver mineral deposits will be hidden slightly by the darkness and the stone will appear a bit more black than grey. And obviously the silver minerals will not be given a chance to shine as much. These silver pearl minerals are one of the main things that attracts people to this stone – so if you have a dark kitchen, you may wish to consider additional lighting options to get the most out of your investment. This granite is said to have a low level of variation. This means that no matter what it is called, black or silver pearl granite – you can be sure of what your slab will look like. Always ask to see your slab before buying it, but with a granite that has a consistent appearance like this one – a photograph will usually suffice. When combined with white cabinets it is a strong dominating feature of the room. The great thing about this stone is that it has so many different uses.

In splashbacks or countertops – you can probably fit this stone into your kitchens existing décor. The stunning contrast with white kitchen cabinets is a strong and bold effect. The silver pearl minerals that are present in the stone ensure that it is not too monotone and “plain” – they add a much needed sparkle into the contrasting colors.

The same can be said about the silver minerals when you combine these countertops with dark cabinets.

The dark bedrock and grey minerals blend in with the dark cabinets, and the silver minerals bring a little bit of life and interest to the mix.

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Black Pearl Graniteimage Black Pearl Granite has a dark black color

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You can get black pearl granite in a polished finish, as well as a brushed finish, which will give your kitchen a professional look. Some other black stones are just that—black. The base mineral is a very rich, dark black, but the other minerals offer some variance in tone and...