Test out these and other materials to see how your countertops, cabinets, and flooring work together to make a functional and fabulous kitchen. With these simple tips, you will keep your outdoor kitchen countertops looking good for longer.

Although the outside looks the same if the internal architecture is not built to code and built to last there is often nothing we can keep of the original island other than the appliances built-in. This island was originally built with wood and as you can see in the first image above the distressed, sun-faded wood is a really great look. No one is going to crawl inside on outdoor counter and maintain wood supports inside a structure so eventually is fails. As you can see the stucco color and texture matches the house perfectly and the “new” island appears to have been built with the original house design. Many of our clients choose to use granite on their outdoor kitchen counter top because granite is very low-maintenance. Granite installed outdoors needs more care than granite installed indoors but granite is a natural stone and is going to have all the problems of a natural stone — problems will arise slower because of the thick, geavy density of granite but i still needs to be properly cared for.

There are products available for maintaining granite and any granite retailer or fabricator will have a the ability to perform a service call on granite. We also insist out granite fabricators practice making seams all the time so they are able to make the seams as un-intrusive as possible. The hakimi is mixed with acetate and a hardener into a paste that is used to pack into the granite seam. The granite seams will show the fraction of an inch difference that settled and running a hand — or a glass of juice — across the counter will definitely expose a ruptured seam. If the depth of a counter is twenty-four inches the finished granite counter top will be twenty-six and a half inches. With a 2 cm slab that has 2. Cheap plywood is the worst because the wood will absorb moisture even if it is only absorbing moisture from the air.

Usually if a new piece of granite breaks in the first year of use it is because of improper wood used inside the laminate. The wood should be checked for swelling and for mold and questionable section should be removed. Of couse the inspiration for this post was the tremendous difference in the granite slab in the images above.

These brilliant, multilevel counters allow plenty of room for guests to sit, chat, and watch while you work your chef magic!

Even so, as with any other material, it is better to wipe up spills as soon as you notice them so that they donÂ’t dry on the surface, resulting in stubborn stains.

If your outdoor kitchen doesnÂ’t have a roof structure, consider covering your countertops during the winter months to protect them from ice and snow. We refused to build this island but one of our service technicians promised to repair it for the homeowner so we let him do it. However, the problem with this grill island is the inside architecture was also built with wood. When that happens the counter is a ticking bomb because the wood is much more flammable once it starts to fall apart and the wood is also going to damage the gas and electrical lines as it collapses.

My service technician told the homeowner he was afraid to repair the grill because the island was falling down so we ended up working on the island — but this homeowner did not call us to refurbish this grill island counter. When we use porcelain filed tile counter tops we seal the tile and make sure the owner understands how often to clean and seal the tile tops so the grout lines do not soak up grease and dirt, get moldy and cause the tiles to pop loose.

Above the left image looks like grey granite and the right image looks like an absolute black. Often they may also use what looks like a car buffer to slightly sand down a tiny layer to get to new stone below the surface.

The hakimi used to fill a seam between two pieces of granite is a very dangerous product t use.

Depending on the area and how the area was prepared for an outdoor kitchen sometimes the heavy grill island will settle a bit on the floor. The granite fabricator performing service will need to reset the granite slabs and re seal the seams ofter cutting out the previous hakimi seam. The front 2. Usually the filler used in the granite above the counter where it cannot be seen is an expensive, dense hardwood treated for longevity.

When the wood swells from the moisture the slab will either break free of the counter top below it or the granite will crack. When granite is serviced five to eight years after installation most fabricators will remove all or will remove sections of the wood under the slab. If the ground has settled the supporting wood below the slab will need to be reinstalled to reset the seam.

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Test out these and other materials to see how your countertops, cabinets, and flooring work together to make a functional and fabulous kitchen. With these simple tips, you will keep your outdoor kitchen countertops looking good for longer.Although the outside looks the same if the internal architecture...