Beautiful acacia wood, with the look of walnut but only 1/3rd the price. For the knife afficionado, hinoki is regarded as the best wood to use for cutting.


Our exclusive all-in-one cutting board maintenance kit, with mineral oil, wood wax and applicator cloth. Picking the right cheese board can mean the difference between a ho-hum appetizer platter and a wow-factor party pleaser that guests won’t soon forget. There are several variables when deciding on a material, with only a few options standing up to the class and elegance of a fine ripened cheese selection. Reliable, easy to clean and economical, a wooden cheese or serving board can be anything from a sectioned wood burl to an appropriated cutting board.What makes the real difference in the character of the wood and how it emphasizes the story of the cheese. Presentation matters just as much as the provenance of said cheese. In addition to aesthetics, a wooden cheese board makes for easy cutting of cheese. Speaking of which, you do have a cheese knife set to go with your cheese board, right? When choosing a wooden cheese board, it’s important to pick a species that will not absorb flavors easily. Cheese is by nature, rich in fats and oils, which have a propensity to go rancid once the fat oxidizes.

This DIY project is easy to make! The total project including glue cost me under $25. This makes a great cheese or fruit tray or …

While this is a part of natural aging process of cheese, most of the “pleasant” cheesey aroma is caused by the bacteria and yeast from the fermentation of the milk. So when picking out a wood, a non-porous species is generally best to keep your wood from imparting any unwanted flavors.

Porous woods include walnut and mahogony, so best to avoid these species.

If you must have one of the aforementioned woods (larch for example, makes for a beautiful presentation), it is highly recommended to use both food safe oil and wax on a regular basis to season and seal in the wood to prevent imparting of flavors and smells.

Lastly, one careful point when picking out a cheese board is to ensure that it does not have any lacquer finish or varnish. A marble board, in particular, offers a beautiful and cool surface on which to store cheese and will not absorb smells as easily as wood, though marble is still porous and requires care. Marble or stone cheese boards will provide the best temperature zone for your cheese platter. These are dense materials and retain a large amount of thermal mass for their size. Even better, a clear dome or letting your cheese board sit in an ice bath beforehand will gain approving nods from fellow cheese heads.

Only a few hard cheeses require some effort to cut and for those varieties, is usually requires a mandolin or cheese plane. While stone and marble appear like the top choice, there is still a maintenance issue to be aware of. Marble is porous, as are some types of granite, so it is very possible for your beloved cheese board to emit foul odors if not properly taken care of. A food safe sealer or cleaner is highly recommended, as most typical sealers are not made for marble that will not be touching food. Unlike marble, which is prone to etching from acids (wine, tomato sauce), slate is not as reactive as less prone to discoloration. That said, slate comes in a huge amount of varieties, so not all slate is equal! Did we mention it can also be used as a trivet in a pinch? The only drawback to slate is that it does tend to scratch easily, so scuffs and marks might start showing for your more popular cheese plates.

Glass doesn’t have the thermal mass of marble, so it won’t help cool cheese down on a warm day however (think about how fast a hot cup of coffee will get in a glass cup). Plus, another benefit that glass has over all other cheese boards is that glass is nearly impervious to cuts and scratches from typical kitchen and cheese knives.

After using, your cheese boards should be scrubbed with hot soap and water and then wiped immediately dry. Wood boards should be oiled and waxed and marble boards should be sealed each month. Using the inner side of the lemon, rub the salt into the wood, scrubbing in circles.

Rinse with warm water after you’re done, and dry immediately. For polished marble, do not use the formula above (as well as any commercial solutions that use acidic compounds such as vinegar or lemon juice) as it will etch your marble and take away the polish.

Granite Cheese and Cutting Board

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Instead, use hydrogen peroxide, which will be safe on a polished surface. But, if you are using black marble, do not use hydrogen peroxide as it may discolor dark marble. With a 10 inch diameter and smooth finish, it is the perfect accessory for any home. The set of three bamboo cutting boards provides plenty of useable surface space to work, yet are lightweight and easy to maneuver from countertop to table or sink. Unlike traditionally made bamboo cutting boards, end grain construction is less dulling to cutlery because the wood grain direction accommodates cutting instead of resisting it. This.

75 inch thick board is thick and durable enough to fit your cooking needs and is naturally crafted from bamboo which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

This product is perfect for seasoning cutting boards, butcher blocks and wooden utensils.

These mats fold for easy storage and are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel handles provide for easy transport, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. Don’t be caught again without an extra cutting board. Prepare food hygienically, keep your worktop scratch-free and keep knives sharp. It has a variety of applications for personal care, pharmaceutical, and industrial machinery maintenance. Our food grade mineral oils are most commonly used in food-handling applications.

The textured and matte surface safely holds food in place without slipping. The “natural” bright white color is favored for its sanitary look. They are easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe. Available in a variety of colors – can be cut to size. Smart alternative to plastic–easier on knives and won’t harbor bacteria. Top of block (last 3 photos) shows one small dent in the edge.

Granite Cheese Board

Easily transfers chopped food from mat to bowl or pan. This hand-made piece is carved out of a single piece of wood so is rare as well as being unique, beautiful and durable. The ideal cutting board material, teak is one of the most praised woods in the planet. Its natural oils and tight wood grain make it easy to mantain, long-lasting and scratch-resistant. A board will protect your counters and tabletops from getting scratched up by a knife. What kind of cutting board is appropriate for knives? There’s long been a discrepancy about which cutting board is right for knives.

It actually all depends on what type of knife you’re using and what you’re cutting. The white board can be easily cleaned by wiping down the smooth surface. These boards are safe to use because they don’t have grooves from knife usage where raw meat and bacteria can lurk. Wood cutting boards do take a little extra work thanks to their material.The surface has to be dried right away and oiled as a way to bring it back to life. The board is durable and lasts a long time, and the material is hard enough to not be penetrated by a chef’s knife. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about creating pockets of moisture where food particles could accumulate. It’s recommended that you have two cutting boards in your kitchen depending on their size. One board should be made out of wood, and one board should be made out of plastic. The wood cutting board should be used to prep fruits, vegetables, and bread.

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That’s because pockets of bacteria can be created, so using it to cut fruits, bread, and veggies is more sanitary than cutting meat. The plastic cutting board can be used to cut meats because it’s easy clean and hard to penetrate with a knife. This means ensuring that no raw food is lurking in the cracks of the surface. You will also want to dry the board to make sure that nothing that is on the board will get you sick. That way, you don’t leave any time for food particles to rot inside the board. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about granite cheese board ? The most common granite cheese board material is stone .
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Beautiful acacia wood, with the look of walnut but only 1/3rd the price. For the knife afficionado, hinoki is regarded as the best wood to use for cutting. Our exclusive all-in-one cutting board maintenance kit, with mineral oil, wood wax and applicator cloth. Picking the right cheese board can mean...