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Stone restoration is not a "sideline" business for us. Natural stone conservation is our business. You can be confident that our work will be the highest quality possible. Our reputation stands by every project. We are not a franchise where employees get a two week course to learn how to "restore natural stone", our staff has years of experience.

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Abc Stone Inc. has been in the building maintenance field for over 10 years with exceptional stone and tile restoration services to commerical properties. Abc Stone Inc. specialists have extensive training and give attention to detail and the highest quality work available.

The Restoration completed efficiently and in entirety (never left half-finished due to other projects). The Abc Stone Inc. restoration has a record that is hard to beat in the industry. The trained staff of craftsman and technicians will repair and or restore your Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, and any other natural stones, utilizing state of the art equipment and time honored techniques.

Reviving the Past and carrying it into the Future is what stone restoration and maintenance is all about. Whether it's a marble lobby, a granite parlor, a marble vanity or tabletop, a limestone, or a terrazzo floor, Abc Stone Inc. can provide the services needed to restore it to its orginal magnificence and keep it that way.

Abc Stone Inc. specializes in restoration and preservation of natural stone, focusing on commercial properties, although we do accept residential clients and provide to them the same quality workmanship. Abc Stone Inc. personally designs maintenance programs for our customers, saving our customers time and money, while increasing the historic, perceived and actual value of the property.


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Subj: Grout Sealer

I am in the process of having ceramic tile installed in my laundry room and kitchen. I am sealing the grout with a sealer called TEC from Menards. I was told by a friend that if you put water on the grout that has been sealed but it does not bead up then it doesn't have a good seal. Is this correct? Mine does not bead up. I am using an almond color grout and want to protect it from stains and dirt as much as I can. Thanks for your input. Linda

It sounds like your using an impregnator sealer which only stops stains from soaking in below the surface. The surface will still stain with this type of sealer. You need to use a topical sealer on the grout joints. Cermaseal makes a good sealer. Most local tile stores carry this sealer. Proper cleaning is mandatory, dirt will settle in the grout joints no matter what kind of sealer you apply. Since you are residential, try above and beyond your normal cleaning, monthly deep cleaning -- Vniegar and water mop on the floor and then wet vac up using squeegee attachment that won't scratch tile. This will insure an absolute clean floor. For any other questions please feel free to contact us again.
Thank You
Eugene A.

Subj: Stained Marble

Greetings. I saw your post on the Marble Institute site. We have some marble in our foyer that is white with pink and grey swirls. We recently had a broken pipe and the foyer was flooded. Now it has some water stains in it. Our insurance estimator said it looked like water that got dirty from flowing through carpet came up under the marble and the dirt wicked into the marble, which I understand is very porous. I have heard that a bleach solution might take out the water marks. Do you knoow of any products or techniques that might work? If we try to rescue the marble and are successful, we will also need something to bring it back to it's natural luster because we really haven't done anything but mop it for about 6 years, and it is in a high traffic area. I would appreciate any suggestions.

For the water stains try bleach mixed with baking soda to form a paste, apply over stain, cover with plastic wrap and allow to sit for two-six hours. As far as something to bring your luster back, a six year old floor high traffic area will most likely need to be sanded and re-polished by a professional.
Thank you and if you have any more questions please e-mail us again.
Eugene A. /Owner
Abc Stone Inc.

Subj: Stone care product line

I have bought a house that has ceramic floors and they have been waxed for 30 years and I can't find anything to take the crud out of the cracks. I am at my wits end. Please help!
Thank You

After 30 years the wax has bonded to the grout. There is actually no way to remove it from the grout. I suggest having a professional come in and cut out the existing grout and re-grout the floor. Ceramic tile should not be waxed, if it is waxed although, it should be properly stripped every six months. The cost will depend on your sq.footage to re-grout.
Eugene A. /Owner
Abc Stone Inc.

Eugene A.,
Thank-you so much for your input.. I have been thinking that may be my only choice besides bombing it (haha).
Thank You so much for letting me know.

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Service Information/Restoration & Maintenance Division

As an integral part of the stone & tile industry, the growing restoration and maintenance sectors are fulfilling an important need -- to preserve and protect. It's a given that stone and tile are long term materials. Examples from around the globe illustrate the ability of stone to withstand the effects of hundreds -- even thousands of years of exposure to harsh environmental elements. The same holds true for many of types of tile in specific applications.

However, the innate ability of the stone and tile to survive under difficult environmental conditions does not mean they will come through without a scratch, nor does it mean that these materials cannot use a little help along the way. Help that will increase an installation's lifespan -- and its beauty -- into the future.

Specific Services

Restoring a hard shine to stone (marble,granite...)
Stripping old wax and chemicals
After construction detail
Removing scratches and stains
Complete maintenance
Removing lippage
Repairing cracks and grouting
Cleaning & Sealing